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Caribbean Jerk Chicken Wings
Who else loves Buffalo Wild Wings ! I recreated my favorite BWW Caribbean Jerk wings Paleo-style! These slightly spicy and sweet wings are the perfect game day bite!
Pumpkin Cider Cocktail
Looking for a festive fall drink for Halloween? My Spiced Pumpkin Cider is great for kids but also has a special adult-only version too! The spiced pumpkin syrup is also amazing in coffee. ## I made these fun jack-o-lantern glasses with a sharpie that wipes away with a little rubbing alcohol once the fun is done!
Candy Corn Gummies
Paleo Candy Corn Gummies! These tasty bites ditch the refined sugar and dyes in favor of gut-healing gelatin and anti-inflammatory turmeric!
NEW// We might be in the final days of summer, but I'm still loving this Paleo Pink Ombré Drink inspired by the new Starbucks drink! Find the recipe now on my blog!
Rooftop sips at @departureelevated! I can't get over this view! Excited for dinner at @departuredenver next!
Satisfying breakfast and keeping it simple! Two fried eggs in @dignitycoconuts, cherry-smoked bacon (my new fav), and a local peach with @chameleoncoldbrew! Tip: if you are doing #whole30 make sure to check your bacon to ensure it is sugar free!
Football season is upon us!! I've spent the day riding the ups and downs of my Fantasy team. I can't wait for more game day Sunday and game day eats like these Caribbean Jerk Wings! Find the recipe here-->
Thursday nights are for pancakes right? Jk but I am sharing some fun (or funny) old pictures from when I first started my blog in my Stories along with updated pictures of the same recipes. It is really rewarding to see how far I've come with my food photography. I love taking food photos almost as much as I love creating new recipes. Sometimes I can be very hard on myself or compare myself to others, but I'm proud of my improvements! No more red plates and green chevron here! 😂🙈💕 I'm also working on sharing a little more about myself. I hope you like it!
Made a quick stir fry in my IG Stories for dinner (check it out at the top of your feed). 🥘 I need wok recommendations!! If you have a wok you love, leave me a comment. Also since my bf isn't a fan of cauliflower rice, I'm working on re-learning to make white rice for him! 🍚 Not too shabby since I've only made rice once in the last 5 years.
NEW// Sweet Corn Salad is now on the blog! Inspired by my trip back to Iowa for an annual corn festival, this salad is the perfect end of summer side! (Yeah I know corn isn't paleo - yolo!) 🌽💕