Blackberry Vanilla Cheesecake
"Ok, so my latest obsession is by far with out a doubt cheese cakes! The feeling of having a smooth top with a silky filling is even better the actually eating it. Plus I just LOVE how I can upgrade a basic cheesecake filling with simple ingredients like I did here. I just "poked" some fresh @driscollsberry Blackberrys into my vanilla filling and got the most beautiful interior ever!!! #obsessed 😉"
-- @onesarcasticbaker
A Note from Feedfeed

This luscious cheesecake is about to become one of your new, go-to desserts! This crumbly, cookie crust is a total crowd pleaser!

Want to take the fruity blackberry topping to the next level? Whip up our delicious blackberry coulis for a slight variation and watch us make it here! Swap in your favorite berry depending on what's in season!