Honey Lemon Cake with Berries
"3 Facts about this AMAZING Gluten Free Lemon Cake: 1. I made FOUR of them for the video and photos. I had 2 decorating mishaps involving juicy lemons that made the icing run + a dropped spatula (I still don't want to talk about it), one I accidentally forgot about in the oven while helping kids with homework, and the fourth one was the one you see pictured. 😂😳 . 2. This fluffy cake is perfect for every celebration in your life--birthdays, Easter, baby and bridal showers, graduations, etc. (Also: random days of the week when you want cake.) . 3. There's a TRIPLE DOSE of lemon in this cake--using a secret trick in the cake itself, another layer in a honey-lemon glaze you brush on while the cake's still warm, and the final amount in the gorgeous white lemon icing.😍"
-- @onelovelylife1