Chewy Freezer Chocolates
"Have you every heard of chewy chocolates? Tried them? Until recently neither have I but I have been totally obsessed with them over the last few months. As the title suggests, they are chewy, healthy and super chocolatey, and you keep them in the freezer. And they are the best. I mean, the absolute best. It’s becoming a bit of a theme here but what can I say. I have never eaten a better chocolate than this and I have tried many on pretty much every continent. They are fabulous little morsels full of goodness, you see. So when you eat them, not only you feed your chocolate craving but you feel wonderful knowing that your snack is actually good for you. I know I do (every single time I pull one of these little beauties out of the fridge). Trust me, I know what I’m talking about – a batch of these has never lasted more than a week in our house and it’s been on repeat for weeks now."
-- @once_a_foodie


Serves or Makes: 18 to 24 chocolates
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