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💁🏽‍♀️ How to catch the perfect light. . I get asked very often how I get this perfect light for my food images. I simply place my food model in front of a window and avoid direct sunlight ☀️. Make sure to turn off any nearby lamps you only want the rays of the sun, no mixing in orange-y artificial bulbs. When it’s sunny (and not cloudy) I use my northern window. When it’s cloudy ⛅️ I can use my southern window as well.
. 🙅🏽‍♀️ I don’t use many photography equipment for my light. Only natural daylight and my pleats which I can close to use only a small slot for the light which comes in (as you can see on these Oreo cookies). To get more dark in the background I use my diffuser sometimes. 🤷🏽‍♀️ That’s it! . Iknow there are a lot of more professional ideas to get the perfect light 😂. But I’m really satisfied with my results for my dark & moody photography. .
🙋🏽‍♀️ Lightroom is my perfect tool to edit my pictures after this. If you want to learn more click on my Bio. I shared a blog post a few month ago. .
. 💁🏽‍♀️ Wie du das perfekte Licht einfängst. .
Heute beantworte ich euch eure Frage, wie ich mein Licht für meine Bilder einfange. Ich nutze ich lediglich das direkt Licht am Fenster, welche ich durch meine Plissees abdecke 🤷🏽‍♀️. So kommt nur ein kleiner Lichtstrahl herein. . ☀️ Der reicht, um einen schönen Lichtakzent zu setzen, wie ihr auf dem Bild meiner Oreo Minz Kekse sehen könnt. Ich mag Schatten, daher filtere ich das Licht nicht zusätzlich. Meinen Diffuser benutze ich nur, um den Hintergrund noch etwas dunkler zu machen. Perfekt für eine rustikale & stimmungsvolle Fotografie. .
🙋🏽‍♀️ Dann bearbeite ich die Bilder noch etwas mit Lightroom. Wenn ihr mehr darüber erfahren wollte, in meiner Bio findet ihr einen Link zu einem Blogbeitrag zu dem Thema. . Soll ich das Thema auf dem Blog nochmal vertiefen? . . . #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #healthyfoodshare #eatclean #plantfood #foodphotographyguides #bloglovin #gloobyfood #veganfoodshare #foodphotography #foodblogger #vegansofig #vegan #bestofvegan #letscookvegan #beautifulcuisines #foodie_feature #eattheworld #foodblog_liebe #brostecopenhagen #nutsandblueberries
???? Did you already checked out my first ONE POT PASTA recipe? It’s up one the blog since two weeks. You find the Link in my Bio! . ???? One pot meals are the ultimate idea that keep you happily stuffed even in the super busy days. These quick meals are quite nutritious and tasty. It’s perfect for a hectic schedule. . GERMAN . ???? Habt ihr schon mein erstes ONE POT PASTA Rezept auf meinem Blog entdeckt? Den Link findet ihr in meiner Bio! Einfach Sprache switchen im Header. . ???? Es ist mit Spinat und Käse! Ich habe ganz vergessen, es hier zu teilen. ???? Und jetzt habe ich schon meinen Blog Post über „Vegetarische Ernährung – Ideen, die dein Denken verändern werden“ veröffentlicht. Na ja, vielleicht gefallen euch ja beide Berichte. Sie passen zumindest irgendwie zusammen. . ???? Viel Spaß beim Lesen! Wie geht es euch denn so? Gibt es grade was spannendes im Leben? Ich bin befinde mich grade in einer euphorischen Blog Phase ????. . . . #feedfeed #healthyfoodshare #eatclean #plantfood #foodphotographyguides #bloglovin #gloobyfood #foodphotography #foodblogger #beautifulcuisines #foodie_feature #eattheworld #foodblog_liebe #onepotpasta #spinach
? What’s your experience with Instagram the last months? I want to tell you something. . It’s really interesting what happened with @instagram the last months. I feel a popular discontent. It feels like @instagram forces us to be active non-stop. My experience is that when I’m non-stop busy on this platform my traffic is much more better ?. But sorry Instagram I don’t have the time to live in a way like this ??‍♀️. . So I decided a few months ago to reduce my time here and focus more on my blog work. And it works very good! ? I recognized my faithful friends are with me when I’m active here from time to time. No matter if I got 1000 or 3000 likes on my images. I’m grateful for all these relationships here and I’m really happy to see a comment on my blog, to find an E-Mail or a Follow on Pinterest as well from you ?. .
? It‘s never a bad idea to eat an apple cake. My first time I decorated it in this way. .
? Was ist deine Erfahrung mit Instagram in den letzten Monaten? Ich möchte mal was loswerden.
? Es ist wirklich interessant und auch erschreckend, wie Instagram sich entwickelt hat. Ich fühle eine starke Unzufriedenheit meiner Mitstreiter in den letzten Monaten. . ??‍♀️ Instagram hat anscheinend die Vorstellung, dass wir non-stop aktiv sein sollten. Instagram, echt jetzt? Meine eigene Erfahrung zeigt, wenn ich ständig online bin, generiere ich Wachstum. Ansonsten stagniert mein Account oder ich verliere Follower ?. Was früher nie der Fall war. . Früher wurden meine Bilder von dir verteilt, Instagram? Wieso passiert das nicht mehr? Weil ich zwischendurch auch mal andere Sachen machen, außer dich zu füttern?
? Ich bin zwar echt sauer auf das Ganze, aber ich sehe auch immer wieder viele „Freunde“, die mich besuchen. Auch, wenn ich nicht mehr täglich poste. Ich arbeite mehr an meinem Blog und das bringt mir persönlich und meiner Blogreichweite echt viel ?. Ich freue mich immer über ein Kommentar auf meinem Blog oder eine Mail von euch – egal, ob ich es mal schaffe bei euch hier vorbei zu schauen oder nicht. . ? Ich wollte das mal loswerden, weil ich weiß, dass es vielen von euch ähnlich geht. So, Schluss mit der Schimpferei ?.
? Are you making yours smoothies with water or milk? And do you add nuts or seeds? Or do you use only fruits and liquid? I’m super excited to read your opinion. . I just came across Traci’s @vanillaandbean ? Carrot-Ginger Citrus Immune Boosting Smoothie and recognized it is without any nuts (only a few hemp seeds). ? I normally add nuts, seeds or oats to my smoothies to get full for longer. I tried it out and tadaaaa – here is my version! I used fresh turmeric rout which gives an amazing flavor to this smoothie. . ? I’m happy to bring this super healthy light smoothie version to @ellencharlottemarie and @vanelja 's #dreambrekkieparty ✨ . GERMAN . ? Mixt du deine Smoothie lediglich mit Wasser bzw. Milch oder nimmst du auch Nüsse, Samen oder Haferflocken, um deinen Smoothie sättigender zu machen? . ??‍♀️ Ich persönlich nutze meistens zusätzlich Cashewnüsse oder Haferflocken. Dieser ? Carrot-Ginger Citrus Immune Boosting Smoothie von Traci @vanillaandbean erinnert mich etwas an meinen Kurkuma Zitronen Smoothie, ist aber lediglich mit Wasser und Früchten sowie Gemüse gemacht. . ? Für den Smoothie habe ich frische Kurkuma Wurzel aus dem Bioladen genommen (die hält sich übrigens super gut im Kühlschrank). Frische Kurkuma Wurzel schmeckt besser als gemahlener Kurkuma. . . . #feedfeed #healthyfoodshare #eatclean #plantfood #foodphotographyguides #bloglovin #gloobyfood #foodphotography #foodblogger #beautifulcuisines #foodie_feature #eattheworld #foodblog_liebe #smoothie #frühstück #breakfast #turmeric #kurkuma
? Thank you for your view of using Instagram in my previous post ?. It's really interesting to read your opinion. It's difficult to understand the new Instagram Algorithm, it's not in our hand ?. It's a time here which can end suddenly?or things can change suddenly. In that case we need to enjoy the moment and don't look back or forward ?. Life is a daily surprise, isn't it? I made a big portion of my ? WALNUT OAT CREAM WITH GRAPE BLACKBERRY SAUCE. It's really simple and I stock it in the fridge for up to a few days. You find the recipe with baked banana on the blog archive ?. Enjoy your day and enjoy every single moment in it. Take care of you. By they way, Karlo ? isn't back at home yet ?.
Sunflower Seed Tzatziki Sandwich
#werbung #sponsored . Sometimes we have less time to prepare delicious and healthy food, right?! That's the time I eat sandwiches ?. The recipe for this ? SUNFLOWER SEED TZATZIKI SANDWICH ? is on the blog when you feel the same and need a fast breakfast, lunch or dinner with lots of healthy protein ?. The tzatziki is made from sunflower seeds, cucumber and dill. You can easily prepare this spread in advance and stock it in the fridge. I add smoked tofu and served it with a whole wheat bread ✌. By the way, do you know Lyndsey @lyndsey_eden ? I came across her account during my blog carnival and felt in love with her work and soul immediately ?.
Melon Juice, Apple Juice, Cucumber & Celery Juice
Share your fresh pressed juices with friends. Happy to find the time to test out all these variations. These pretty jars and bottles are filled with MELON JUICE, APPLE JUICE, CUCUMBER JUICE AND CELERY JUICE. Best way to absorb all healthy nutritious ingredients is to enjoy the juice immediately after juicing. And another tip is to add a teaspoon of linseed oil to release the fat-soluble vitamins . My new @huromamerica juicer is my absolutely favorite kitchen machine as well as my @vitamix. What is yours?
Herb & Walnut Vegan Cheese
#werbung #sponsored . I spent my evening yesterday with my hubby in the sun and enjoyed some ryebread and ? WALNUT HERBS VEGAN CHEESE ?. Sometimes I simply enjoy some good bread with ? organic dairy cheese and sometimes I try out new food ideas like this. The world is soooo big and there are millions of food ideas we can explore ?. I'm thankful for my passion of food because it makes me feel happy every day. And I learned to enjoy the little things in life. You don't need millions of dollars, a big career or hundreds of friends. You only need a few important things in life which makes you feel happy ?. Recipe adapted from the lovely Evi @green_evi.
Nutritional Matcha Latte
#werbung #sponsored . Did you know matcha has a nutrional value of up to 10 cups of regular green tea? I shared more information and a recipe for a sweet delicious healthy ? MATCHA LATTE ? on my Blog (Link in Bio). It's one of my favorite drinks. What's yours?? ?. I woke up early today and had one to start my Sunday morning and get some energy for my yoga morning workout ?. I'm so happy to enjoy my daily meditation and my yoga three times a week. It's amazing how my body changed since I eat more healthy and practice Yoga. Also my mind changed since I started my daily meditation routine. It's a fix part from me and I can't live without ?. What's your way to find your balance?