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Colourful Goodness Bowl
Big colourful goodness bowl for lunch. This honestly has to be my favourite meal - I love the mix of colours, the combo of warm and cold foods and of course the lashings of hummus (self confessed addict over here ?)! Today's bowl is cucumber, avocado, warm butternut squash and aubergine slices, raw carrot, edamame beans, radishes, apple chunks and a big pot of hummus. So so good! Perfect for brain power needed for my afternoon of studying. Hope everyone's having a great Monday so far! ???? #plantbased #foodie #vegan #vegetarian #glutenfree #healthy #hbloggers #protein #foodporn
Hazelnut Banana Oats
nothing better than starting the day in my pj's, big fluffy dressing gown and a big bowl of creamy hazelnut banana oats with alllllll the ingredients, think chia seeds, sesame seeds, coconut palm sugar, baobab, vanilla extract..... Delicious. Just what I needed to warm me up and get me through my morning. Full of slow releasing energy so that I'm not hungry by 10am like normal!
Beautiful fresh produce ready for meal prepping for the week ahead ?❤ I'm in my final year of accountancy exams so organisation with my food is key to me eating well, feeling focused and keep stress levels down ?? can't wait to roast this gorgeous butternut squash with some paprika and get those artichokes steaming! Yummy! Hope everyone's enjoyed their final day of rest today ?? #foodblogger #avocado #foodphotography #eatwell
Both brain and body are needing lots of energy today, so opted for a trusty bowl of matcha-wheatgrass-flaxseed oats.... topped with the big babe banana, peppermint dark choc and flaked almonds. Holy mamma so goooooood. Off to do some cramming before a lovely long #dog walk exploring a new place ? #breakfast #sunday #glutenfree #dairyfree #thedailyoat #vegan #hbloggers #eatclean #foodie
Had this bowl of beauty in between online lectures and madly trying to gun it through my textbook before my exam next week.... almond milk and hot water soaked oats (3/4 cup) with tsp of @naturya hemp protein powder, chia, ground ginger and chaga mushroom root extract (great for healthy immune system woohoo) topped with frozen blueberries, flaked almonds and omega seed mixxxxxx, go check out my Snapchat (chloetinymcg) to watch me make this ?? have a great #weekend everyone! #foodie #glutenfree #breakfast #vegan #dairyfree
Dunno about you guys but I fully intend to explore and up my intake of deliciously, healthy food in #2017. Life is too short! Started my year off with a coconut oil #egg with chipotle chilli flakes (seriously get these in your life they're amazing), dry fried mushrooms and cherry tomatoes with a dollop of #vegan pesto, and of course, #avocado! Hope everyone's having a lovely first day of their year. Make some strong goals and be your best you. ❤ #brunch #glutenfree #plantbased #hbloggers #foodie
get your greens in •// almond milk soaked gluten free oats with a cheeky shot of greens (barley grass, wheatgrass, chlorella, spirulina) topped with banana slices, frozen bluebs, beauuuuutiful passionfruit, black sesame seeds and a drizzle of @meridianfoods peanut butter. Holy mama so good ?? have a fabulous Sunday my loves ? #dairyfree #eatclean #vegan
meal preppin' •// Sunday afternoons spent in the kitchen around gorgeous fresh produce are honestly my favourite kind of ways to relax. Today's meal prep consisted of these absolutely ginormous sweet potatoes; baked until soft on the inside and crispy on the outside with sage, turmeric and drizzled with melted coconut oil. Absolutely divine. Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday. ❤️ #mealprep #sweetpotato #vegan #plantbased #foodporn #food
early morning oats • // gorgeous banana oats (pre soaked in hot water) with added guarana and pea protein, topped with a pile of gorgeous juicy blueberries, cacao nibs, coconut flakes and golden linseeds. Perfect! ? #vegan #oats #glutenfree #breakfast #dairyfree #eatclean #plantbased #healthyeating
snack time •// Sunday is my 'use up everything in the fridge' day and these beautiful coloured leaves became crunchy kale crisps, with a nutritional yeast paste rubbed onto them before cooking for a delicious flavoured, all healthy snack. I'm a happy bunny right now! #vegan #kale #snack #glutenfree #dairyfree #foodie