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Bourbon Pecan Pie

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Plain Greek yogurt, pistachios, avocado, berries, and raw maple syrup. ??? . #glutenfreeeats #healthysnacking #veganfriendly
How about for taco night we have roll ups instead? Gluten free soft corn tortillas, grass fed beef and veggies, fresh parsley, avocado, beans, cumin, garlic, s&p and lime! Cheese? Oops, must have forgotten ???#glutenfreeeats #tacotastic #realfooddaily
#StreetTacos #AlPastor with #pickledonions and #grilledpineapple. . I like talking in #hastags on #FRIYAY? . #letstacoboutit #tacoholism #glutenfreedessert #hellafeelgoodfood . ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #feedfeed #feedfeedglutenfree #f52food
Breakfast ✨I love my Granny's little coffee cup from Taiwan. . Low acid coffee pre-infused with coconut oil and antioxidants that I added #undenatured protein and powdered greens (w/ probiotics) to. Along with plain Greek yogurt (protein + probiotics) with raw maple syrup (so many nutrients), avocado (omegas), blueberries and chia seed (antioxidants). ✨?✨?✨?✨ . Now I'm ready for leg day and this sunny weather to watch my baby play baseball this afternoon. . Have a beautiful Sunday ??? . #nourishyourself #cleaneatingrecipes #nourishment
What could make Chicken Parm/ Veal Parm or Eggplant Parm even better? Avocado and fresh herbs of course ? Baked Eggplant Parmesan (lasagne style) with avocado and dressed arugula (s&p and evoo). . What might make all of THAT even better!? Slow roasted cherry tomatoes and roasted baby bella mushrooms, but they are sitting in my fridge while I chow down instead. ?#nourishyourself . ??? . #fridayfood #dinnerforone ? #feedfeed #wholefoodsdiet . ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Is everyone ready for Taco Tuesday?! I clearly am ?? Marinated flank steak tacos with radish, spinach, #srirachasauce, avocados and lime! You don't even really need the tortilla ✨✨✨ Fresh fresh food. . The marinade was fresh lime juice, a couple cloves of garlic, pink salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, olive oil, and a splash of tamarind/or soy sauce. . Have a beautiful Tuesday, friends! ??? . ???#tacosaremytherapy #letstacoboutit #glutenfreedairyfree
What's the secret to love? You need to baconvincing. ? . Cheers to the weekend! ??? ???
Protein breakfast muffins || ?????? . I made these a little while back before I was so dairy free. You can make them however you'd like but here are a few ideas. I made fresh juice and Dutch chocolate protein coffee to drink! . From left to right: (Lightly grease muffin pan) . Ham folded under scrambled egg with Swiss cheese, mushrooms, parsley and avocado . Bacon wrapped around scrambled egg with hemp seeds, avocado and sharp white cheddar . Mushrooms outside a ham cup filled with scrambled egg and parsley . Bacon wrapped around scrambled egg, parsley, mushrooms and sharp white cheddar . Ham cup filled with scrambled egg, parsley, Swiss cheese and hemp seeds . Bacon around one whole (not scrambled) egg and sharp white cheddar ??? . Dreaming of these little guys this morning as it's snowing here ?❄️☃️ ✨✨✨ #feedfeed #glutenfreeeating #highproteinbreakfast
Snack time | Yogurt with #chiaseeds, #hempseeds, #cacaonibs, toasted coconut, banana, and #gojiberries ? . ✨✨✨❤️ #antioxidantrich #probiotic #holisticnutrition #glutenfreesnacking #feedfeed
See last post for instructions for sleepy time tea. ??? . I must say, this was psychedelic. Within 25 minutes my entire body felt like it was on the worlds best high of relaxation, it was insane. Please!, let me know your results if you try this, I loved it. . I will note, be sure to get a full 8hrs rest, as I wasn't able to with my daughter waking up in the night a few times and I did wake up feeling mildly groggy, but it did pass quickly, and again was very mild. . This stuff is magic! ✨✨✨ #sleepytime #sleepytea #holisticnourishment . ???