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Zucchini Banana Bread
ZUCCHINI BANANA BREAD (gluten, grain + dairy free) Deliciously sweet and soft, a loaf packed with grated zucchini and naturally sweetened with banana and just a touch of maple syrup. So easy to make! I love this bread; it's got so many of my favourite things in there. Perfect on its own (lightly toasted, I recommend!) or smother it in toppings!
Chocolate Chunk Almond Butter Blender Bars
CHOCOLATE ALMOND BUTTER BARS | So I found a huge tub of almond butter while doing a kitchen clean up, that sorely needed to be used…and I made these Blender Chocolate Almond Butter Bars! Deliciously fudgy, these babies are so easy to make – whizz them up in a strong blender (I used my @vitamix) or a food processor. Kind of like a cross between a blondie and cake. With lotsssss of darkchocolate studded in there – just how I like my treats!
Hot Cross Muffins
PALEO HOT CROSS MUFFINS - an improved and updated oldie, really, but that's just detail. I made these grain free treats more delicious & soft! Studded with fruit for sweetness, plus lots of spices and vanilla, plus a thick cashew butter cross on top. SO good. Gluten free and dairy free, of course. Celebrating April with a healthy Easter treat!
Paleo Pumpkin Pizza
PALEO PUMPKIN PIZZA CRUST | grain, gluten & dairy free, this veggie-packed pizza crust is one of the oldest and most popular recipes on my blog! I'm a busy bee travelling at the moment but I did squeeze in some time editing and updating this recipe post for you guys this week. Homemade pizzas are heaps of fun to make; this is a colourful, healthier spin on it! An easy way to sneak extra veggies in!
Toasted Coconut Banana Bread With Yogurt And Berries
Getting back into baking this weekend! I find that baking, when you're experimenting with new things, more than any other form of cooking, is verrrry hit & miss. Do you find that? It's frustrating at times but then when you slice into something delicious that you've made's the best! This Paleo Banana Coconut Bread is a recipe I'm generally always pleased to bake up, especially when I can eat a slice toasted with berries and coconut yoghurt.
Oat And Pumpkin Bread
SAVOURY PUMPKIN OAT BREAD |I've teamed up with the lovely folks at @vitamix to create this beautiful pumpkin loaf as part of Vitamix's Festive Moments Christmas recipes. It's gluten, dairy and sugar free and super easy to make! I made my oat flour & pumpkin puree using my Vitamix. This bread has a gentle savoury flavour and is really versatile; add sweet or savoury toppings as you like! (For Christmas cranberry sauce is my recommendation).
Roasted Broccoli & Guacamole Salad
For when you really want to just devour a huge bowl of guac + tortilla chips, but maybe you should get some salad in too. This recipe combines the goodness of fresh crunchy veg with all that creamy deliciousness of avocado. Vegan friendly & gluten free, you can adapt this with a protein of your choice for a complete meal. And did I mention, it's SO tasty!
Superfood Paleo Chocolate Cake With Matcha Frosting
*SUPERFOOD CAKE* If you could attend an Easter potluck party with your favourite healthy foodies, what would you bring? I decided that I would bring this; a Superfood Paleo Chocolate Cake with Matcha Frosting. Made with a blend of coconut flour, almond flour and a generous dose of #cacao, this cake is totally dreamy. It’s got a rich, velvety #chocolate flavour while still being free from grains, dairy and refined sugars. This cake is my contribution to the #virtualEasterparty created by the delightful Laura of @asunshinemission and Haley of @brewinghappiness – check the hashtag for more incredible #healthy Easter creations by a super talented bunch of bloggers. It was so fun to participate; I only wish I could actually eat all of the food that we are e-sharing! Recipe is up on my site now! #nourisheveryday p.s. shout out to @sukrinuk and @matcha_maiden for the organic #coconutflour + #matcha tea powder used in this recipe ?
Beetroot And Dark Chocolate Chip Brownies
Wahoo it's the weekend!! Sleeping in, big breakfasts, baking...what's on your agenda If you're in the mood for the latter, try these Beetroot Choc Chip Brownie Bars up on my site. Packed with all the goodness of #supercacao by @adunaworld + coconut flour + a generous amount of coconut-sugar sweetened dark #chocolate chips. Super #delicious and really easy to make! Have a wonderful Saturday! #nourisheveryday
Coconut Flour Beetroot And Choc Brownie Bars
*Coconut Flour Beetroot and Choc Brownie Bars* This new recipe is up on my website for you guys today! Healthy bites sweetened naturally by using pureed beetroot, coconut and a touch of natural sweetener (honey or another liquid sweetener of your choice). These treats are free from gluten, dairy and also nuts, but still totally luxe, rich in super #cacao by @adunaworld + studded with delicious dark chocolate chips. I couldn't resist decorating them with an extra drizzle of dark chocolate too. Try them out - the recipe is super easy, you'll have them baking in no time! Link to my site is in my profile. Enjoy! #nourisheveryday