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Fallon Graham
Chesapeake, Virginia
From the North loving life in the South with a charming husband and boston terriers. Enjoying life one tasty bite at a time.

One Pot Vodka Pasta

in partnership with Muir Glen
My Recipes
The Virginia Sunset With Brown Butter Infused Bourbon
Yeah baby. The Virginia Sunset. Brown butter infused bourbon mixed with tangerine simple syrup, and garnished with thyme and a tangerine slice. The perfect drink for a snowy weekend.
Apple Rose Pastry
Apple Rose Pastry. I saw these in a bakery and thought they looked like snow covered roses that smelled like homemade apple pie so I had to make them for myself! Recipe is on the blog.
Spinach Kale Bacon Quiche
Breakfast is ready! Who wants a slice Spinach Kale Bacon Quiche with shallots and cheddar cheese. I hope there is enough left over for lunch!
Honey Bbq Chicken With Cilantro Lime Quinoa Brown Rice, Black Beans & Corn
Lunch Bowl with grilled chicken, cilantro lime brown rice and quinoa, corn, beans, peppers, and avocado slices. Going back to work isn't so bad when I have this to look forward too!
Apple Cinnamon And Goat Cheese, Eggs And Asparagus, And Berry Tarts
Tarts. Apple cinnamon and goat cheese, egg and asparagus, and berry. Loving breakfast, or I guess brunch at this point. Yum!! Now on the blog. #feedfeed #food52 #onvtable #huffposttaste #nytcooking #eeeeeats #vsco #vscofood #tart #apple #goatcheese #egg #asparagus #berries #brunch #delicious
Naturally dyed brown eggs wrapped in string. The eggs were dyed with black berries, curry powder, and a matcha spinach blend. My chickens lay such pretty brown eggs that I left some natural too. I just love how vibrant and earthy they came out. Happy Easter Everyone! ??
Minestrone Soup! We went vegetarian for a week. It was pretty easy when we had this to look forward to.