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Summer in January. 🌺🌸🌺 Honey almond cake layers filled with strawberry buttercream and pink grapefruit butter curd. My latest flavour combo crush. 🍯🍓🍰 Special cakes for special people is our speciality. 💕 HBD S.D. X
Perfectly peachy. Sunday night swooning over some of this weeks cakes. 🐚✨🍑
Roasted Sugar, Lime and Olive Oil Pound Cake with Crème Fraîche and Lychee Curd. Find it today on the dessert menu for brunch @northstarcoffeeshop it’s a treat I would not want you to miss out on. 🙏🏻 Pound cakes by tradition call for a large proportion of sugar, often essential to its final structure. As a result it most likely always feels like it will be far too sweet, but that’s where the genius of @bravetart comes in. Her groundbreaking technique of roasting sugar first has become a bakers saving grace and along with the verdant, grassy EVOO and high pitched zesty lime, brings this pound cake back from the edge. The accompanying crème fraîche adds an acidic tang and the lychee curd lends soft and delicate floral notes. 💕🌸 To me this dish tastes like Spring is on its way...softly sweet, floral, grassy-green and bright. Sharing knowledge and inspiration is a generous act that I am grateful for, it allows the art of baking to progress and makes way for originality and creativity. Stella is stellar and everything that she brings to the conversation on baking is pure magic. ✨ So many thank yous. 💯
Sooo we have some great staff over @northstarcoffeeshop who sometimes look at me a little 🤔🤨🧐 when I hand over on weekend mornings about the days dessert specials... these Turtle Tarts are case in point. What’s the Turtle bit got to do with it huh!?! ‘Maybe Sarah’s made a typo...again!?! 🙄’ Erm No. Not this time. 😏 You know by now if you’ve followed us for a while that pretty much every bake has a story, a little anecdote as to how and why it was made and more often than not that weaves its way into the name. These tarts are no exceptions, individual cocoa crusts filled with chocolate salted caramel and chocolate ganache then topped with toasted pecans, along with cacao nibs. As such they contain chocolate, caramel and pecans, a triad of ingredients that hark back to 1900 when pecans were combined with caramel before being covered in chocolate. Their evolution into the popular American candy named Turtles is the inspiration for these tarts. Find them in the counter at the shop today where they’re being served up with a little creme fraîche and vanilla powder to cut the richness and round out the moreish salty caramel. 🐢🍫💕 Long love chocolate and caramel and perfect properly toasted pecans. 🙌🏻
Flaky pastry hand pies👐🏻 named so because they are perfectly portioned to fit in your hand. But these particular black cherry and Mahleb hand pies are made infinitely better served warm with a scoop of Cardamom ice cream and a sprinkle of sesame brittle so you’ll find them served in a bowl for one with a solitary spoon, because let’s face it you’re unlikely to share. 😏 Here’s to Saturday...hands up, high fives and hand pies all round. 🙌🏻✋🏻👐🏻
Hello weekend. 👋🏻 Along with your favourite breakfast bakes we have a few desserts lined up to round off your weekend brunch with us @northstarcoffeeshop this Saturday and Sunday. 👐🏻 Our ice cream was so well received on Pancake Day that we thought it only fair to keep it churnin’ for the weekend so we can share it with those that missed out. 👍🏻 Find the vanilla crème fraîche ice cream topping slabs of warm salted caramel brownie and the Cardamom ice cream in cahoots with some might fine and flaky cherry hand pies. 🍒💕 The roasted sugar, lime and olive oil pound cake is accompanied not by ice cream, but by an intensely buttery lychee curd and the tart tang of thick crème fraîche. 💥 I could wax lyrical about this particular pairing but I’ll save it for another post...baker aches are setting in and these cankles need immediate elevation. Catch you tomorrow folks. 😴🛌✌🏻
🍫🍦 Tomorrow @northstarcoffeeshop The one and only @noisettebakehouse Salted Caramel Brownie served warm with house made @ndalivanilla creme fraiche ice cream and salted chocolate caramel sauce. Dreams do come true! ✨👐🏻💯
🤔 Show of hands...who likes ice cream? 🙋🏻‍♀️🍦 We’ve churned two flavours to crown two different dishes on tomorrow’s menu. 💪🏻 If you’re a straight up lemon and sugar kinda person then this one is for you. 👆🏻🍋😚 Classic crepe style pancakes spritzed with fresh lemon juice and a sprinkle of sugar, topped with a punchy, palette-pounding lemon butter curd and rounded off with cooling, creamy @ndalivanilla bean ice cream with a final flourish of toasted almond and coconut dukkah to add crunchy texture. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Squeezy Jif just got demoted. 🙄
Tomorrow’s breakfast, brunch, lunch or afternoon treat? It’s up to you. This fat stack is just one dish on the menu tomorrow @northstarcoffeeshop Fluffy American style pancakes layered with lychee curd, topped with roasted sugar strawberries and toasted sesame brittle. 🥞💕🍓 Deceptively dairy free and made with a blend of gluten free flours this dish means no one needs to miss out on the feastivities.