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Lobster Niçoise Salad With Balsamic Figs
Recipe Intro From nocrumbsleft
I absolutely love doing a Nicoise at a party; it’s a one-dish triumph that will thrill your guests and people will remember long after the event.

Dinner, Good For A Crowd, Fish
Dinner Party! I've been on a Niçoise salad kick. I happily have Dirk's Fish & Gourmet Shop​ cook my lobster about an hour before I pick it up. Use the recipe from @bonappetitmag as a guide for the overall salad. I added fresh figs grilled briefly on medium and doused in balsamic--do the figs ahead and use their lovely balsamic-infused sauce to drizzle over the salad along with the dressing. And the spectacular fried capers take this dish from delicious to out of this world! -@nocrumbsleft
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