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Garlic And Oregano Marinated Chicken
Recipe Intro From nocrumbsleft
This recipe is all about the marinade! A simple citrusy and garlic marinade is virtually effortless, but infuses tender chicken with tons of flavor. This is a Whole30 recipe form Teri of No Crumbs Left inspired by @Emma_Lately.
I'm a gal who loves to marinate, and this is a super simple recipe with ingredients you will already have in your kitchen. Rather than adding sugar and ingredients I can't pronounce, I like to marinate with items that naturally bring out the goodness, and are also good for you. I love following my friend @Emma_Lately, who lives across the pond and creates delightful Paleo-ish dishes. I saw this one on her page and have made it my own. You can also find it on the Whole30 Feed that I curate @thefeedfeed. Part of the trick is getting a plump chicken breast and cutting with a sharp knife lengthwise to wind up with skinny pieces that crisp up and have a lovely crunchy edge. I marinate a day ahead to infuse the chicken with things you will already have in the kitchen like lemon peel and juice, garlic, olive oil and herbs. I adore quick and easy dinners and on the stories very soon today I'm sharing this dish. I’m leaving now for Paris,❤️?and here’s what you can expect: on Instagram I will continue to post on what to make next for dinner. The virtual food field trip will be happening on the Stories, including a live video Thursday morning and Sunday morning to give you more of the really wonderful details. -@nocrumbsleft
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