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How to Break Apart Cauliflower

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Apple Chai Cake With Maple Cream Cheese Drizzle
A spicy, chai twist on this irresistible Apple Chai Cake with Maple Cream Cheese needs to be made by you. Soon.
I used to have this awesome raspberry bush when I lived in Northern California. It was such a treat to have fresh berries every, summer morning. This bowl of gorgeous berries are going into my Raspberry Coffee Cake today and likely on top of vanilla ice cream tonight. I don't want berry season to end.
I love smoking my own salmon (and I'll show you how I do it here) and making this SMOKED SALMON BRUNCH TACO BAR. It's perfect for brunch, Easter, Mother's Day or anything else you might be gathering for this season. Recipe:
There is nothing quite like the intoxicating smell of a bowlful of Meyer lemons. and this Meyer Lemon Coffee Cake does not disappoint. With two layers of Meyer lemons and a lovely batter surrounding them...not to mention the very thick streusel on's breakfast heaven. Recipe:
It's Soba noodles for lunch today. Mostly because I can't find anything else in my pantry I want to eat...even though it's bursting with food. And, I have a fresh lime, mint, ginger, soy sauce and peanut butter idea rolling around in my head that needs to come to fruition. Let's hope it's good.
Might be frying up some gnocchi for lunch. Was supposed to take it easy on the food today...because Super Bowl. However, the unexpected snow has triggered the comfort food button. Sorry not sorry,
When you can't decide between Cincinnati Chili and Tacos, you make Cincinnati Chile Tacos....winning.
My bread is almost ready for baking and in preparation I'm slashing the top with a knife.  In free-form breads, the slash lets the bread expand during the "oven spring" period and crack the loaf in a controlled way. So while I might be able to control the cracking, I won't be able to control the eating. Get in my face bread!!
Onion Rings were not on the agenda today, but they happened anyway. It's not like anyone is complaining. Pass the ketchup please.