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Mexican Hot Chocolate Whoopie Pies

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Seared salmon with harissa rub, charcoal orange eggplant and roasted sun chokes with whole grain oats and sauvetés bok choy
Brown Butter Scallops With Winter Greens And Parmesan Risotto
Hey, guys, I'm here to help you find the best  if you are one of those people that tend to not have enough time Lindsey does super simple recipes.
Classic tacos, flank, char tomotoes, Black beans and corn with chimichurri and of cheese 🙇🏼‍♂️
I'm Chef Nicolas Ganea Lets just jump into it! I made some pretty interesting stuff this you might love it or hate But you what? Who cares!!! Cause it tasted delicious! Alright, I'll start with the strangest one this week! Cause WHY NOT!!!! Alright Before you get skeptical hear me out, you need to hear the story! I did chai seed dressing this week, and I thought I had chia seeds... noooo it had everything else! So call this sour cherry digestive dressing ewww? Might be a better idea to call it sour cherry flaxseed dressing! Let's go with that the salad had pummelo (plum-lem-o) side note I should add that it's really tasty and someone told me it tasted like grapefruit I'm going to tell you it doesn’t.... SEE the rest on youtube!!!?
I call this “thanksgiving lefts”? overs pan seared sunchokes sauce with half moon sweet potatoes in sauteed hen of the woods and oyster mushrooms with green kale and a little brighten lemon choke CRAB!!!!!! This is was killer!! ? but I liked it better in plated in the tubberware that's not saying much ? Lets clear the air here! Yes, there is no turkey in here. And you're wondering what was thanksgiving about this dish? Don't be rolling your eyes at me! I'm festive OKAY! I had some left over green beans and sweet potatoes I had to come up with something.
Salad this week was a rosemary  confit garlic dressing with black lentils and frise salad also finished on top pickled fresh cabbage and cucumbers ?
For my clients this week they got Asian tostada with purple ginger seaweed salad finished with seared 7 spiced pork sirloin. ?
Quick mid-service picture of our most recent main. Lamb neck (cooked with Koji for 16 hours and finished in the smoker) with several pickled flowers and fermented berries. Grilled kale and scallions juiced for the sauce.
Killer salad I made last night my girl hates lentils ? that changed last night well she could of lied… ? Music by @liluzivert found him on Soundcloud  love the music! Butternut squash champagne vinegar grape seed oil honey salt Green lentils smoked gouda  cheese brussel sprouts oyster mushrooms
I know what I am having for breakfast?, well can't have kiwi...? by @aspoonfulofhealth_