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Chilled Tomato and Peach Soup with Coconut Jalapeño Ice Cubes

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Our third time making @therealnobu's miso black cod in the last two weeks --so freakin' delicious. Beautiful fish caught in Morro Bay from @freshcatch ????????. I have a huge filet of black cod left (and we are miso'd out), any suggestions or recipes out there that we should try?
@therealnobu's recipe for miso cod is so killer. I've made this twice in the last three days, still can't get enough. Looking forward to more black cod from @freshcatch this week -- got three orders coming tomorrow from Morro Bay 😍.
The @freshcatch for this week is black cod from Bodega Bay! I marinated the beautiful fish in @therealnobu's sweet and savory marinade of white miso, mirin, sake and sugar for 3 days, then broiled it until flakey and caramelized 😍. It is so delicious, delicate and buttery. Had it with koshihikari rice farmed from Niigata and a side of kabocha squash salad with salted cucumbers using a @justonecookbook recipe.
Made LA galbi for dinner using one of my favorite @koreanbapsang recipes ????. Korean short ribs tenderized then marinated in grated Asian pear and onion, soy sauce, mirin, honey, sugar, sesame oil, ginger, garlic and pepper for 36 hours, then broiled in the oven until slightly charred. My cure for the Monday blues!
This French apple cake is absolutely one of my favorite cake recipes of all-time (made this 3x in the past two months). Our tree has produced so many granny smith apples this year and we're making good use out of it in this cake. Nice caramelized edges, super moist, full of butter and a noticeable taste of rum. Recipe by @doriegreenspan, adapted by @davidlebovitz ????????. Perfect with creme fraiche ice cream!
Kkorijjim - Korean oxtails marinated in grated Asian pear and onion, soy sauce, mirin, honey, sugar, sesame oil, ginger, garlic and pepper then braised for 4 hours in the marinade and its own stock, finished with daikon, carrots and shiitakes. I love oxtails, but my love for galbijjim (short ribs) is greater. Highly recommend this @koreanbapsang recipe for both kkori/galbijjim ????.
Mom made bun bo hue for lunch! Pig feet, blood cubes, shrimp cake, bouncy noodles ????.
Patrick was given a beautiful filet of sturgeon caught somewhere up north. We steamed it and prepared it Cantonese-style with ginger, garlic and cilantro in a slightly sweetened soy sauce. Recipe by @thewoksoflife. A new weeknight favorite! 😃
The magic of flour, water, yeast, salt and time. So rewarding to make bread at home!