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Red, White & Blue Trifle Cake with Basil Whipped Cream

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Quick And Easy Vegan Curry
Hi guys. Sharing today's lunch with you, a quick curry, easy to make but super yum! Curries are one of those dishes I could always eat as they can be so versatile. Just throw in whatever veggies you can find and there you go. ohhh and look what I've learned from the talented Steph @jarsandbowls: an avocado flower! Check out her YouTube tutorial on how to do it if you are interested. Hope you had a fabulous day, my friends
When you can‘t recall the last time you had banana bread it is about time to put one into the oven, right!?🍌 For this • BLUEBERRY BANANA BREAD • I was inspired by the talented Bo and adapted a few ingredients to my likings. Always love to be inspired by other foodies!🙌🏻 Definitely go and check Bo‘s amazing feed and her gf banana bread out.💕 Happy Sunday, everyone! Love, Leonie xx P.S. Adapted recipe in the comments.
An apple a day... 🍏🍎 What I love most about Sundays is to snuggle up in bed again after brekkie. Anyone else? Just to get the feeling that you don’t have to go to work. No obligations. A cup of tea. Snacks. A perfect day!👌🏻 Did you have a lovely weekend too? xx Have a great start into the new week, everyone❤️ @happysocks #sponsored #happinesseverywhere #happysocks
Is it okay to be craving raw cake when it’s -17 degrees outside?? Since winter in Northern Germany isn’t what it used to be anymore (rather rain & up to 10 degrees) I am not used to cold temperatures anymore. It might not have been the brightest idea to take off the gloves to take snaps during my cross country run?. But oh well... North America, I feel you! Sending warm & cozy vibes from the fireplace?☺️ Love, Leonie xxx P.S. Recipe in the comments ✨
Hi everyone?? It's been a while and I've been wanting to get back on track on IG for ages. So I'm starting with these yummy pancakes I made for brekkie this morning ?? ? • EASY VEGAN PANCAKES • RECIPE: Ingredients: 150 g oats ~1 cup plantbased milk 1 (medium) ripe banana Method: Blend/ shred oats in a food processor and combine with puréed banana and milk. Put the dough into a non-sticking fry pan on medium heat. Since yesterday was the first day of fall, I added a pinch of cinnamon and two plums cut into small pieces and 1 tbsp cocoa to half of the dough. Though I love the seasonal fruit that fall brings along, summer weather can last a bit longer if it's for me ?? Hope you have been well, I missed this and you guys! Have a lovely weekend, everyone♥️✨ Love, Leonie x
Happy Tuesday!✌?Hope you had a good start into the new week everyone? What is your favorite snack? Mine is nicecream at the moment... and this jar is proof my nicecream cravings literally have gone a wee bit over the top, maybe?? Anyway, this was a raspberry nicecream with coconut yoghurt & spirulina topped with berries, pom seeds and @nakd_deutschland nibbles (get your 10% discount with the code LEYONEE10). Have a lovely day, guys???? Love, Leonie xxx
Chia pudding + smoothie + berries = bliss ?? Happy Tuesday, everyone✌?
Friday, finally!?? Time for a veggie burger to celebrate this... or two? Stuffed these with everything I could find in the fridge... the more toppings, the better right?! #veggiegalore Much love to you, guys & some extra love to the lovely Bo who's celebrating her birthday today!?Have a great day, girl!!? [Potatoe buns filled with • rocket • carrot • avocado • baked sweet potatoe • red cabbage • cucumber • sprouts • chickpeas • beet hummus (1/2 red beet, 150 g chickpeas, 1/2 cup water, juice of 1 lime, 1/2 tsp cumin and garlic powder each, 2 tsp tahini, salt & pepper to taste)]
Happy hump day, guys!✌?? How is your week going so far? This yummy smoothie bowl was my after work treat (raspberry buckwheat smoothie with berries, buckwheat, pecans, pom seeds and @peakbar bits). Because sometimes a pink smoothie bowl can save a day, right?? Love, Leonie xxx