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Carrot Lox with Beetroot Pancakes
"I have only ever been to Miami once, many years ago. oddly the thing I remember most about the trip was the New York bagel I ate at the Delano for breakfast. This was the first time I had one and was instantly in love with it. it’s made with a fresh bagel slathered with cream cheese and topped with smoked salmon, crisp red onions and salty capers. Anyway I no longer eat fish or dairy, but still crave the flavour combinations of this classic bagel. I have a recipe on the blog for Carrot Lox, it’s served on top of beetroot fritters with a gravlax sauce. It’s extremely tasty.🥯🥕🥯🥕 This however is a recipe using my Carrot lox recipe, but adorning mini beetroot chickpea pancakes, topped with almond cream cheese, red onion slivers, salty capers and fresh dill. . These could be served as nibbles or made into bigger pancakes for a light lunch, and off course swap the pancakes for a bagel."
-- @natalie.naturally