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Cod And Cauliflower Stew With White Rice
This cauliflower and cod soup was a hit, and I'm going to make it again shortly. Not only it is delicious, but cauliflower is a superfood, and cod, my favorite fish #soup #itisnowautumn #feedfeed #ProgressoEats #cookingspanish
Are you still pondering what different pies and cakes to bake for Thanksgiving? Then this rhubarb almond cake comes to the rescue! Good news is, you can substitute the fruit for pear, or apple, or plum. Better news is, you can have a slice with breakfast the next day (if there's some left 😉) The recipe is now on Mama Ía blog (link in profile) #thanksgiving #mamaíablog #cookingspanish #pie #cake #rhubarb #ruibarbo #baking
I wish I were having this breakfast of mini fruit pancakes, with bananas and blueberries, and a cortado, to start the new day. But today I'm going to a favorite place, and breakfast will be a bit faster to make (and maybe more nutritious/healthier too, haha!) Even if #theyoungest thinks pancakes with fruit are it. What do you think? Happy Tuesday! #daytrip #breakfast #espresso #cookingspanish
The recipe for braised cod with white beans is now on Mama Ía blog, and with it, a sneak peeek at my son @ethan_anderson8 last soccer season! Now on to other sports like diving 😬 Link to the post, and recipe, in profile. AND a link to my first VIDEO RECIPE!! It's a first, so I still have a lot to learn, but please comment and let me know what you think, I'd really appreciate your feedback 😊 The recipe is for madalenas, classic Spanish madeleines #Mamaíablog #cookingspanish #cod #whitebeans #legumbres #bacalao #videorecipes
For many dishes that include cod, in Spain you would use salted cod, which comes in mostly dry form, and which would have to be de-salted in water before cooking. For this braised cod, I did the opposite, I used fresh cod and salted it for 10 minutes, before rinsing it. It gives it a wonderful flavor that is enhanced by the seasonings and additions that will come next, pimentón de la Vera, white wine, olive oil, thyme, garlic... You know, the usual suspects. The recipe will come on the blog soon! #favoritefish #braises #cookingspanish #madeinStaub
I made a cake, as I promised three posts ago. Because there's much to celebrate, and today is one of those days. A chocolate cake with mascarpone cream and crushed roasted pistachios that is oh, so good 🙌🏼🎂 #cake #celebration #chocolate #bettertogether #visitspain #todossomoscataluña
Have you heard of moringa? Apparently it has a ton of properties, and some consider it a suoerfood, packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. My aunt @caballeroisabel28 grows it in her garden and sent me home with a good amount of it. You can make tea with it and use it in many other ways. Today, I sprinkled some on my couscous salad, and felt like I was doing something good for my body. Mind you, the couscous salad was packed with veggies and chickpeas and a delicious vinaigrette, over a bed of greens so...🍅🍆🌶🌰🌱#salad #vegetarian #moringa #superfood #lunch
Madalenas, or magdalenas, are the Spanish version of the American muffin. At least I think so, because when I moved to Canada I called their muffins madalenas. In any case, they are really good. I made these ones for afternoon snack, I thought my children would have a nice surprise when they got home from school. And they did 👍🏼💃🏽!! #madalenas #magdalenas #teatime #thespanishmuffin #inabakingmood
Soup for lunch and roasted (blank) for dinner is what this gloomy, windy, very autumnally day inspires me to. But now, cupcakes 😉 (yes, this weather inspires me to bake, too!) #autumnbaking #roasting #howisunday #allthepumpkins
I like pork ribs so tender that the meat falls off the bone. That's why I like to bake them, at low-ish temperature, for a number of hours. For this recipe, I used N.1 Pinchito spices from @thespanishtin , and they were heavenly! The balanced mix of Spanish and Far East spices gave the ribs a delicious, unexpected flavor. I dare you to try them! This could be your new go-to recipe for ribs (just in time for the weekend 🙌🏼) Click on the link in the profile to get to the recipe #cookingspanish #mamaíablog #porkribs #spices #weekendcooking