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Therese Elstad
Oslo, Norway
My name is Therese Elstad- a nutritionist, food stylist and writer from Oslo, Norway.

How to Make a Pesto

My Recipes
Carrot Ginger Juice
It's palm sunday and I'm enjoying a slow morning with this Incredible Ginger & Carrot Juice ? How are you spending your morning?
Danish Ris A La Mande With Cherry Compote
Christmas eve is right around the corner whether we would like it to or not! If you're not quite sure what to serve for dessert this year, or simply want to pimp up the traditional rice pudding- try the Danish Ris a la mande served with warm cherry compote!
Rye Gingerbread Cookies
Lacking holiday spirit? Check out this recipe with rye flour to get your Christmas spirit up and running! Slightly healthier- still delicious and crunchy
Swedish Potato & Almond Cake
How about a Swedish almond & potato cake? The holidays are indeed getting closer and so is the preperation for it! A perfect treat to unwind and relax. Styling and cake decoration is greatly inspired by the lovely @mindyourmeal, I couldn't help myself but to create my own version of her beautiful cake- thank you for being awesome
Who is ready for autumn? I sure am with this recipe 😍 preserved pears with caramel sauce! Or ice cream! Or in cakes! I can't decide! What would you use preserved pears in or with? #mynordickitchen #pear #autumnfood
Todays shoot and filming is over and I am super excited to share the result with you! The feeling of being in front of the camera is both terrifying and fun! 😬😄 #mynordickitchen #recipevideo #plums #autumnfood
Hey guys! It's friday and how perfect looking is this plate of awesomeness!? Another recipe from the nordic supper I held a couple of weekends back! ☀️ #nordicsupper #secretsupper #mynordickitchen #cocktail