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Mediterranean Seven Layer Dip

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Strawberry Italian Cream Soda
Summers will never be the same again with this beauty of a Mocktail in your hands. The Strawberry Italian Cream Soda with its fizzy, creamy, fruity taste will surely bowl you over. Stir,sip, slurp and be blown away by this droolicious mocktail. I give my word for this one. It will surely make you fall in love with it instantaneously. With my recipe, you can make this mock-tail no matter which part of the world you are in. Simple, easily available ingredients have been used. But this tastes exactly like the Italian Cream Soda that you will have in Europe or America. By the way you can replace strawberry with lemon, Pomegranate, cherry, raspberry, grapes, sweet lime etc.
Pyaaz Ka Salan Recipe / Restaurant Style Biryani Side Dish / Gravy / Onion Salan . . Recipe link ~ In my profile above . . Pyaaz Ka Salan or Fried Onions in a Thick Rich Gravy is an ode to the Culinary Gem Mirchi Ka Salan. The recipe of Pyaaz Ka Salan is a little different to that of the Mirchi Ka Salan. Mirchi Ka Salan dates back to the times when Emperor Akbar ruled the Indian Sub~Continent. The popular theory is that this dish did not originate in the royal kitchen but most probably in the kitchen of a Wealthy Jagirdar when he threw a Regal feast for the Emperor. . . The Ain-i-Akbari, Persion for Constitution Of Akbar documented by Abu'l_Fazl ibn Mubarak, a high ranking minister in the court of Emperor Akbar, mentions this dish as the Emperor's favourite. So it is evident that because of Emperor Akbar's immense liking for the dish, the dish must have travelled from the Jagirdar's kitchen to the palace kitchen. Emperor Akbar was a staunch vegetarian, a modest eater, who preferred simple dishes, yet the full flavoured, creamy Mirchi Ka Salan did manage to hold it's ground as a favourite on the Emperors platter. However, during that time this dish was eaten as a main dish and not served as an accompaniment to Biryani as it is done today. . . In the Pyaaz Ka Salan, chironji and almonds are replaced by sesame seeds and peanuts and Deep fried onions become the star ingredient. The souring agent can be either yogurt or tamarind. To get the recipe and to know more about this dish and how it came to be an iconic Hyderabadi Dish hop on to my Blog. . . #soulfood #indian #food #indianfood #PyaazKaSalan #vegetarian #homemade #foodporn #foodgasm #foodisfuel #foodstagram #foodphotography #foodie #f52grams #vscofood #all_shots #Indianfoodblogger #dubaiigers #igers #nomnom #foodtalkindia #Indianfoodstories #foodblogger #photography #desikhana #desiblogger #recipes #yummyfood #forkyeah #instafoodie
Black Sesame Seeds Ice~Cream (Rose Scented) ~ Happy Halloween . . Recipe Link ~ In my profile above☝?️☝?☝?☝?☝? . . The door bell buzzes and buzzes again and again. That's not usual who could it be. I literally rush down the stairs and just manage to prevent a trip over while missing a stair. As is common in these occasions, the heart pounds and thumps as if there is no tomorrow. Oh dear, I almost feel my heart in my throat. I open the door to a dozen giggly kids who in unison shout out "Happy Halloween", trying their best to make spooky faces at me. I did forget it is Halloween and unlike the times when I was growing up, kids these days, no matter in which part of the world they are celebrate Halloween. I look adorably at their sweet faces, some smeared with charcoal paste, some having scary eyes as an after effect of smudged kohl and some have made good use of their Mum's lipstick to give the impression of blood. Those fangs which the dear little boy dressed as a vampire is wearing is overtly cute. It's such a happy feeling to see these little darlings, trying to look scary. I send them off after filling their jack o lantern printed buckets or small hollow crafted pumpkins with chocolates and toffees. . . Since the two most important colors that are synonymous with Halloween are black and orange, I wanted to prepare a dish which would have either of these colors, at the same time both Children and Adults would love the dish. Though the weather has got better here in Dubai, but we are still missing the chill. So I thought it would be a great idea to come up with an ice~cream a black colored ice~cream. So I concocted my very own Black Sesame Seeds Ice~Cream, gave it the fragrance of a rose by using pure rose extract. . . This is an egg-less ice-cream which was made without an ice-cream machine. Since it is meant for the Halloween party dessert, while serving you can splash some red colored topping to make it look perfect of the occasion. Don't forget to place some spiders (artificial), on the serving tray. This ice-cream tastes very creamy and there is a light hint of sesame seeds and is fragrant with the Rose essence. . . #dessert #icecream #halloweendessert
Hello Beautiful people. I am delighted to introduce on my feed Jagruti Dhanecha of @jcookingodyssey , whose body of work I immensely admire. . . Blog - Jagruti’s Cooking Odyssey . . She is the owner of Jagruti’s Cooking Odyssey, a blog filled with pure vegetarian recipes. She is fanatical about cooking authentic Indian recipes and also recipes from all around the world for her family. She has cooked on Indian tv channels and her recipes are often printed in a UK food magazine, previously winning the top prize. Food has always been her interest from a young age, and JCO gives her the platform to experiment with flavours and also hone her photography skills. Follow her cooking journey on Instagram @jcookingodyssey . . . . . #eatgood #igersindia #goodfoodindia #thekitchen #f52grams #cookmagazine #hautecuisines #beautifulcuisines #forkyeah  #storyofmytable #curry #Vegetarian #Recipes #EatReal #BeRooted #Brinjal #MeetABlogger
Thai Beetroot Coconut Soup Recipe ~ Pink For October Series . . Recipe link ~ In my profile above ☝?️☝?☝?☝?☝? . . We,women,have been constituted in such a manner that we tend to lose ourselves in taking care of others.We have an inherent quality of putting others before self, especially when it comes to family.Though it is hard to generalize as there will be exceptions to this,I am yet to come across a dame who will say me first.I believe that when Almighty was creating a girl, more love, care and sensitivity went into that creation. That's why we are what we are with a heart so giving,patient & nurturing.Not that I have not seen men who have these qualities,but they are a rare gem to find. . . I leave no opportunity to celebrate Almighty's most beautiful creation,WOMEN.We all are surrounded by such amazing mademoiselles who are often exemplary when it comes to holding their family together with their unflinching love and utmost devotion.You are the backbone of your family and absolutely irreplaceable.So isn't it time that the most important part of any family,sent a little thought their way? It is about time,we take that step,turn around & give us a little attention,instead of postponing things on the pretext of family over self. . . Don't you realize what is the outcome of that family in which the spinal cord is broken?That family will fail to stand,will crumble down.Therefore don't neglect, don't postpone,all can wait but not that sense of unhealthiness which you have been deferring correction on the pretext of putting other mundane family issues up on the dais of importance. . . As we all know that this month is dedicated to "Breast Cancer Awareness " so this is the right time to Empower yourself with knowledge,equip yourself by being alert & giving your constitution priority.Time indeed to take this aspect of your life in your own hands.I am devoting this post to US so that WE pledge to for once put OUR SELF along with the family in the same priority rung of the ladder of important things. . . The dish I am sharing below is a pink hued, super nutritious, flavour packed,powerhouse of taste and very easy to prepare. Presenting Thai Beetroot Coconut Soup
Quick Mushroom Corn Green Curry Recipe / Oilfree Vegan Green Curry ~ Go Green . . Recipe Link ~ In my profile above ☝?️☝?☝?☝?☝? . . The Quick Mushroom Corn Green Curry is a very interesting curry. It doesn't use any oil. A few cloves of garlic are finely chopped and toasted on a frying pan. Then the baby corn and mushrooms are thrown in, followed by a heaped spoon of Thai Green Curry Paste. In fact I have tried this dish with Thai Yellow Curry Paste and Thai Red Curry Paste too. Using any of the Thai Curry Pastes yielded the same result taste and flavour wise. As you coat your mushroom and baby corn pieces with the roasted garlic and Thai Curry Paste, please be warned that your hunger pangs will reach a crescendo as a result of the piquant aroma that will trigger the chain reaction staring from your senses. . . So quickly blitz together the Coconut Cream and Spinach in your food processor and pour this creamy emerald liquid into your frying pan. Increase the flame to maximum, cover and wait with a little patience, may I say for all the liquid to dry up and the precious coconut oil from the coconut cream to glisten up all over your gravy. Switch off the flame and without caring for any eating etiquette directly dive into your Quick Mushroom Corn Green Curry with what ever slice of bread you can lay your hands on. Ah that feeling as a bite of bread lapped with a flavour balanced green curry, one mushroom and baby corn piece, a slight hint of lemony garlicky notes at the background lands on your tongue, is of euphoria. The hunger pangs now quietened by a delicious dose of food, you feel you have just chanced upon utopia. But just to put things in perspective, even if you are not extremely hungry like I was when I first rustled up the Quick Mushroom Corn Green Curry you will love this Curry immensely. . . . . . #eatgood #igersindia #indiancuisine #indianfood #goodfoodindia #thekitchen #f52grams #cookmagazine #hautecuisines #beautifulcuisines #forkyeah  #storyofmytable #curry #Vegetarian #vegan #QuickCurry #Recipes #GreenCurry #GoGreen #EatReal #BeRooted
Diwali Mini Vegetarian Thali ~ Wish You All A Dazzling And Prosperous Diwali . . Recipe link ~ In my profile above ☝?️☝?☝?☝?☝? . . Beautiful people how are you all celebrating Diwali this year? For me Diwali starts and ends with food. I will be preparing a vegetarian Lunch Thali. Also there will be sweets galore and a very special sweet called Zauq E Shahi which means Royal taste and is mini Gulab Jamuns served in Rabri. In the evening when a thousand Diyas (Earthen lamp with a wick dipped in oil) will illuminate my home I will join my hands in prayer and just like every Diwali, this Diwali too, I will pray for Light over Darkness, Hope over Despair, Good over Evil and Love over Hatred. Along with all this I shall repeat something in my mind which I had promised myself to do many years ago. I will once again uphold my promise of embracing every aspect of the Globe while being rooted to my Rich Indian Culture and tradition. That's what my food too shall always reflect. Global with an Indian Soul. . . Any festive occasion is not complete without an elaborate meal. In most Indian homes the idea of serving every element on a single platter or thali is still preferred over a buffet meal. People still like to sit together, chat away over a meal and like to be served rather than getting up and helping themselves. But this practice is slowly changing and in Cities Buffets are definitely taking over. However in my home, the Thali still rules supreme. So this Diwali even though I was racing against time, I decided to make a mini thali for the lunch get together at my home.  It's always fun when friends come over on these festive occasions, dressed in their finery, wish each other and then over a meal their is happy chatter, all stress and mundane chronicles of life left away for those festive days. . . . . . . . #eatgood #igersindia #indiancuisine #indianfood #goodfoodindia #thekitchen #f52grams #cookmagazine #hautecuisines #beautifulcuisines #forkyeah #storyofmytable #curry #Vegetarian #glutenfree #DiwaliLunch #Diwali #IndianCurry #Recipes #VegetarianThali #DiwaliMiniVegetarianThali #HappyDiwali2017 #Sweets
Zauq E Shahi Recipe / Mini Gulab Jamun In Rabri / Fried Khoya ( Milk Solid ) Balls In Very Thick Milk . . Recipe link ~ In my Profile above ☝?️☝?☝?☝?☝? . . Zauk E Shahi translates to Royal Taste. This dessert from the Awadhi Cuisine treasure trove combines the very popular Gulab Jamun with the quintessential Rabri. . . In Zauq E Shahi the Gulab Jamuns are served in a bowl of Rabri. Rabri is MILK simmered on slow flame till it reduces to 1/4th of it's original quantity. So 40 kg Milk will yield 10 Kg Rabri. Rabri is truly decadent with the layers of the Milk fat which forms at the top of the boiling Milk and stays in the Rabri as the milk reduces. In Zauq E Shahi, the Gulab Jamuns are smaller in size and are generally stuffed with pistachios and poppy seeds. This is a very indulgent and rich dessert and so befitting to be served during festivities, weddings and other celebrations. Serving Zauq E Shahi is like serving a piece of your tradition in a bowl. . . . . . #eatgood #igersindia #indiancuisine #indianfood #goodfoodindia #thekitchen #f52grams #cookmagazine #hautecuisines #beautifulcuisines #forkyeah #storyofmytable #dessert #Vegetarian #DiwaliSweet #DiwaliLunch #Diwali #IndianSweet #Recipes #GulabJamun #Rabri
Chettinad Cauliflower Chukka Recipe / Spicy Dry Cauliflower Curry From Chettinad . . Recipe link ~ In my profile above. ☝?️☝?☝?☝?☝? . . For my family it is inevitable to gorge on either Chicken Chettinad or Chettinad Chicken Chukka when we eat at a restaurant serving Chettinad Cuisine. After I had managed to get hold of the Recipe of Chettinad Chicken Chukka, I started cooking the dish at home. When at lunch or dinner get togethers, the fragrant Chettinad Chicken Chukka, would get my vegetarian friends intrigued, I decided to try out with vegetables, soya chunks, cottage cheese etc., so that even they would not be left out from experiencing this moreish Culinary creation of the Chettiers  The ingredient which was unanimously loved by one and all in the famous Chettinad Chukka Masala, was Cauliflower. Now Chettinad Cauliflower Chukka is always on the menu whenever it's non vegetarian counterpart is there. Not only that Chettinad Cauliflower Chukka has won the heart of many of my fierce meat loving friends and family. . . The Chettinad Cauliflower Chukka retains each and every ingredient that is used in the non vegetarian version. Only Cauliflower replaces the meat here. The result is a pure gastronomic delight. I can guarantee that this recipe results in a dish which many find it hard to believe that it is homemade as the taste is absolutely similar to that of a restaurant. So while planning for the Diwali Lunch Menu, which is a pure vegetarian menu, Chettinad Cauliflower Chukka had to be there. A very simple dish to cook, the melange of spices used are responsible for making this iconic curry what it is. Like I always emphasize that the best curries are a result of freshly ground spices, this one is no different. . . . . . #eatgood #igersindia #indiancuisine #indianfood #goodfoodindia #thekitchen #f52grams #cookmagazine #hautecuisines #beautifulcuisines #forkyeah #storyofmytable #curry #Vegetarian #glutenfree #DiwaliLunch #Diwali #IndianCurry #Recipes #vegan #chettinadcuisine
Beetroot Paneer Curry Recipe / Lightly Grilled Cottage Cheese In Creamy Beetroot Curry . . Recipe link in my profile ☝?☝?️☝?☝?☝?☝?☝?☝? . . Today I am sharing with you a dish where I have used Beetroot as a main component in the gravy of the dish. Threw in pieces of lightly grilled Paneer / Cottage Cheese and believe me, apart from the gorgeous colour and the inherent benifits that it had imparted to the dish, there were no other traces of beetroot. You must try My Beetroot Paneer Curry to believe how moreish this curry is. For my Vegan Friends substitute Cottage  Cheese with Tofu or Garbanzo beans and the dish tastes as amazing. . . The deliciousness lies in the testimony that when I was planning this years Diwali Lunch Menu, Beetroot Paneer Curry had the unanimous vote from all. As you can see from the pictures here that visually it will leave your guests a happy bunch, trust me this curry has the power to make their taste buds jump with joy. A very simple dish, the Beetroot Paneer Curry takes less than 30 minutes to be rustled up and served. What's more you can prepare the Beetroot gravy in advance and grill the paneer only before serving. . . . . . #eatgood #igersindia #indiancuisine #indianfood #goodfoodindia #thekitchen #f52grams #cookmagazine #hautecuisines #beautifulcuisines #forkyeah #storyofmytable #curry #Vegetarian #glutenfree #DiwaliLunch #Diwali #IndianCurry #Recipes