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Moscow Mules

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Chicken & Waffle Sandwiches With Chipotle Maple Syrup.
Ohhh things just got real yummy up in here! Guys, this might be my favorite recipe creation yet. A spin on a classic with this baked chicken & waffles sandwich complete with a chipotle maple syrup. No joke, this is da ?! Know what else is crazy? It can be made gluten and dairy free. Say what?? That's right, everyone gets to indulge in this sandwich.
Caramel Grape Pops With Caramel Sauce And A Dark Chocolate Drizzle
You relax, I've got dessert covered! You can't help but eat 1, 5, 15 of these vegan caramel grape pops coated with chopped peanuts & a dark chocolate drizzle. I may or may not have eaten the whole pan when I made these.
Jalapeno Tequila Margarita
Yariba Yariba it's National Margarita Day !! I'm a bit overexcited to share our jalapeño infused tequila margarita. It's become a go-to cocktail for happy hours around here.
I'm just going to sit on my couch this morning & enjoy doing nothing (except eat fig toast). It's the only day this entire month that there isn't anything on the calendar. I'll enjoy a little football, probably take a nap and then get back to editing photoshoots, but for now ...... I lounge.
If y'all got 15 minutes in between games today, whip up a batch of these insanely delicious chocolate football shaped rice krispie treats with a marshmallow fluff drizzle. It's like a gooey s'mores version & seriously addicting. Plus, you can hold one while still cheering on your 🏈 team this weekend! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Recipe on @murphygoodewine blog today! #sponsored
Speaking of cooking, you've got to try this Santa Maria grilled chicken with a roasted tomato salad. Love the flavors of the Central Coast and don't skimp on the tomatoes, they're often the favorite. It's best enjoyed like back in the days when they'd feed the cowboys under the oak trees after a long days work, this time we add the carafes of @cambriawines Benchbreak Pinot Noir. After all, you deserve it even if you didn't have to rope cattle. #sponsored #cambriawines
Indian cuisine with a little flair. A classic chicken tikka masala topped over a fluffy baked potato makes for comfort food done right! Get the slow cooker recipe over on @cambriawines blog today.