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Rosemary Garlic Flax Bread
ROSEMARY & ROASTED GARLIC FLAX BREAD DIPPERS A #lowcab #grainfree friendly bread alternative that’s perfect for dunking Roasting the garlic gives it a subtle sweet flavour without being overpowering
Kale, Carrot And Avocado Juice
Fallen off the bandwagon a bit lately? Don’t worry, just jump back on again? We can’t be superhero’s all the time... and that’s perfectly ok. My fav way to reboot is with a #greenjuice . Recipe for my KALE KICKSTARTER is below. Loaded with vegetables and sweetened naturally with carrot and apple. For a #fructosefree version, leave out the apple. It’s creamy and dreamy thanks to the almond milk @plenishcleanse and avocado and it’s #dairyfree too. Let’s get those energy levels to peak performance. Have a great day guys? Jo xx
Sunshine Girl Juice With Carrots, Celery And Ginger
GLOWING SKIN FROM WITHIN. I made my ‘Sunshine Girl’ juice today. Doesn't the colour just make you want to smile? Not only is it bursting with nutrients, it’s fructose free made from a base of veggies, and naturally sweetened with carrots. I also added a little anti inflammatory goodness thanks to the Golden Blend flavours of tumeric, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper @kintrafoods
Carrot, Ginger & Cauliflower Soup
Whether it’s home-made soups, fruitful crumbles or slow cooked one-pots winter comfort foods conjure up different memories for us all but what’s so magical is that they all share that yummy feeling of inner warmth. . This carrot, cauliflower and ginger soup is one of my favourites topped with cumin and pepper spiced coconut bacon and crispy kale. It’s hearty, healthy and above all else, healing. Have you tried using cauliflower as a natural creamer and thickener instead of dairy? It’s the best. Blended in my @vitamix for the ultimate smooth texture. This soup has the perfect balance of ginger and lime to add delicious flavour without overpowering. . And of course what soup wouldn’t be complete without a fancy topping? Keep your eyes peeled next month for my ultimate guide to soup toppers. My favourite ways to pimp up soups like never before. New, creative and awesomely inspiring! Soups are just about to get a whole heap more fun peeps.
Roasted Carrot, Kale And Artichoke Salad With Ginger Herb Dressing
So as promised here’s the recipe for my roasted carrot, kale and artichoke #salad. It’s been a popular request on Instagram so I hope you all enjoy giving it a try. The dressing is sensational, bursting with zingy lemon and herbs and totally #sugarfree To make it #AIP simply pass on the almonds and peppers. Love food. Love life, Jo x
Kale And Carrot Slaw With Clementine Tahini Sauce
THE BEST COLESLAW Feeling the after effects of an indulgent Christmas? Me too! Today's healthy shredded slaw recipe is my favourite way to pack in extra #veggies and cleanse your system. Chewing through a plate of raw veg isn’t all that easy right? Mix in this #vegan friendly clementine tahini cream dressing using my all time favourite @meridianfoods tahini and all of a sudden ok nice healthy #salad goes to oh my god, how soon before I can make you again!
Apple And Celeriac Soup With Chestnut Croutons And Sage Crisps
Anyone else agree the best way to thicken soup is to use wholesome, nourishing vegetables rather than starch and MSG? Today I made this ‘OMG give me more please’ celeriac and apple soup with chestnut croutons and sage crisps. It’s super easy to make and is rich and deliciously creamy thanks to my @vitamix and @plenishcleanse unsweetened almond milk whilst also being #dairyfree. The sage crisps and chestnut croutons add a special texture that’s sure to make this winter warmer a family favourite. Maybe I can ditch the dressing gown on top of my clothes look now… I’m so stylish! Jo x
Roasted Garlic, Rosemary And Olive Oil Bread
How good does this grain free roasted garlic, rosemary and olive oil courgette and cauliflower bread look? Oh the will power it took not rip the corner off before I took a picture for you guys! If you’re new to following me, you'll get to know I’m a big fan of making veggie breads. They’re a simple and delicious way to up your veggie intake, and as always mine contain no grains so are gluten free and dairy free too. Better for your gut health and will help avoid the common problem many of us have with bread… the dreaded bloat! I sometimes add nuts for a more bread like consistency but this one’s nut free too… just veggies? What would you top it with? I smothered it in a sea of guacamole
Mini Strawberry And Coconut Cream Scones
G E T T I N G R E A D Y F O R T H E G A M E... Celebrating the #Wimbledon men's final today with these #strawberries and coconut cream mini scones? Sweetened using only natural poached pears, @coyo_uk #coconutyoghurt and a coulis of fresh puréed strawberries for the jam. #grainfree and #glutenfree thanks to @sukrinuk almond flour... Spongy, crumbly and delicious? If like me you missed out on the ballot, fear not you've time to get a batch in the oven, snuggle down and scream like a loony at the tv... No-one's watching! Recipe's on the blog at or click on the link in my bio ? #paleo #autoimmunepaleo #iquitsugar #iqs #gloobyfood #healthyeating #whole30 #paleodiet #cleaneating #lchf #lowcarb
Just finishing off the last slice of brownie cake. ‘Nuf said😂 jo x ⠀ ⠀ #keto #paleo #whole30