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Marisa Marzipan
Stockholm, Sweden
Professional art director, recipe + image creator, veg enthusiast

Mexican Hot Chocolate Whoopie Pies

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Cookie Dough Nice Cream Sundae
A baby snow flurry yesterday signalled Stockholm's decline into subzero awfulness and, as I am wont to do at this time of year, I find myself nostalgic about the things of my childhood in Australia. Anyone familiar with Top Deck? Yes, that ol' two-tone chocolate block of sugary creaminess. Well, this is it in nice cream form... with cookie dough morsels, if that wasn't enough. Oh yeah, and it happens to be dairy free, gluten free + refined sugar free.
Piña Colada Banana Nice Cream
Piña Colada* nana ice cream, in celebration of Mother's Day here in Sweden with my little ones. The little blondie digging in is my poppet Lillian. Fruit is her favourite thing. Next to cuddles. And playing with her "girlfriends" (she's a very social little thing!)
Coconut Cream And Banana Pancake Cake
Pancake Cake with whipped coconut cream, toasted coconut, banana, pecans & cranberries. PS thank you for using the #veggiesonthego hashtag, veg lovers! Makes it easier to find your amazing work! I look forward to sharing more via @thefeedfeed
Chocolate Nut Butter Brownie Truffle Squares
Nut Butter Truffle Bites. Which one's your fave? Mine's matcha tonight! So, I promised. I've delivered. These are plant based, gluten free, sugar free &, most importantly, yummy + easy!
Roasted Vegetable And Buckwheat Salad
Roast Veg & Buckwheat Salad. My new fave (obsessed with the dressing), & apt considering I curate the #veggiesonthego @thefeedfeed feed!
Mini Pumpkin Pecan Pies
Mini Pumpkin Pecan Pies. Does anyone feel like a spot of autumn baking? And friends in Stockholm interested in the event next week, I now have confirmation from the venue and will get in touch with anyone who expressed interest before I release the event link later today. Happy Tuesday, beautiful people! Marisa x
Pasta With Spinach
Spinach Pici Pasta, as made with the assistance of my kitchen helpers Louie & Lillian (5 & 3 respectively). No eggs, no dairy and a truck load of spinach makes this pasta. Who'd have thought it? And who says veg-packed, wholesome food is only for grown-ups? This suprising, delicious plant based dish was an honest to goodness hit with myself, vegan hubby and the kids alike. "More pici, please!" was the official dinner time chant tonight!
Revitalizing Green Smoothie
Revitalizing Green Smoothie Deluxe- So good, so refreshing. I won't keep you waiting for the recipe! I spent today in the countryside at my Swedish bestie's wedding. We celebrated our friends (it was a great day), I saw people that I haven't seen for literally years, made some new connections, laughed, cried (of course)... & ate lots (of course). It's always a bit of a production getting out & about with 3 small children, but as I sat here, drinking this smoothie with the kids all showered, cosy & tucked in for a peaceful night, I remarked to my husband how proud I was of the kids (they were all awesome today, little sweethearts)... and of us. "We're a good team, aren't we?", I remarked to hubby. "We sure are!", he replied. We meditated together for josefinesmeditationsutmaning. Oh. My. Word. Intense experience! I'm sure it brought us even closer. Now to watch the @newrockstars review of episode 8 of GoT which was, tbh, probably my least favourite episode ever. I had rather high hopes for plot twists & developments. Alas, prior to that episode I'd seen dozens of theories about how episode 8 would pan out, and all of them were more exciting & logical than what came to pass! Episode 9 (traditionally the "wow" episode of GoT) better bring it! And with that, this is my own submission to this week's GoT foodie challenge theme, Episode Titles, (or the full GameofThrones episode list: This wildfire-inspired creation is dedicated to another episode 9 (season 2); Blackwater. Penned by GRRM himself, this episode was one of the most well-received by critics & viewers alike. Oh, for the days of good writing! To join in for fun + a guaranteed feature here+on my blog+in the eBook for charity (see my early FoT posts for deets), include your GoT-related inspo tag me @missmarzipancom in original the caption use the hashtag FoodofThrones2016 Love Marisa
Seasoned Oven Baked Radish Chips With Sweet Paprika
They're oven-baked and may be small, but these tiny treats pack a tasty punch. A couple of weeks ago I tested a recipe that required the use of just a couple of baby radishes. With a bunch of radishes remaining and with Swedish radish season on our doorstep, I wanted to both avoid food waste & create something simple that I could incorporate into a variety of dishes. These chips were the result. Here's to the return of spring, longer days, warmer sunshine and the fresh produce that it brings with it. I am also looking forward to long walks (which I've not yet started doing) and trying out mama+baby yoga now that I seem to be healed & my energy levels have picked up. I will still take things very slowly though. Thank you to all of you who shared your breastfeeding experiences/thoughts with me yesterday! Much appreciated