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okay let's take a minute to be real about why we really went to portland. 😍 the food was so good and we tried to knock off as many recommendations as possible. Thanks for the lists so many of you sent our way! 1) @bluestardonuts - we got the blueberry bourbon basil, chocolate almond ganache (my personal fave), and a classic glazed. couldn't stop talking about how good these were! 🍩 2) @screendoorrestaurant - this little southern inspired place was fulll of comfort food and totally worth the wait. I had the huevos rancheros and they were so yummy. Erin and Dave got the chicken and waffles (its massive and I would super impressed but also a little disgusted if you ate it all by yourself haha). 🍳 3) we had to wait more then two hours to get into @tuskpdx for dinner but weren't disappointed. Such a cool atmosphere and tasty, seasonal, locally sourced food. The cabbage salad with sunflower seeds + feta + za'atar + apples was sour + savoury + a little sweet and over too soon haha. which brings me to 4) also from Tusk - if you go you have to get the chickpea fries! 🤤 5) @pinest8biscuits - this was one of our first meals on the trip + eating this after whole 30 didn't make any of our stomachs happy but it. was. worth. it! 🙌🏼 we all got the reggie and it was perfect. 6) not really all that relevant to Portland specifically but tried chic-fil-a for the first time so that was fun. 🙈 7) @voodoodoughnut - these were so good too. I think blue star is ultimately my favourite but voodoo is such a classic part of the "Portland" experience. We got the oreo peanut butter, hibiscus, and captain crunch (didn't love that one). ✖️ such a great weekend. we also went to @fiftylicks for ice cream which was so good + others in the group tried @stumptowncoffee , heart coffee roasters, @deschutesbeer, and @angelfaceportland. all got a thumbs up but I don't love beer or coffee so can't speak for any of them myself. Haha but as an observer, the vibes at all were great!
our fourth annual ultimate girls night.✨ we buy new matching pyjamas, exchange gifts, watch chick flicks, and our cheese spread gets better every year. ?? one of my favourite christmas traditions. ? #besties