meg ranegar
dinner party thrower, rosé enthusiast, community manager at @yelp ⚡️denver, co

15 Second Cocktails | Maple Meyer Lemon Whiskey Sour

in partnership with Hatchery
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throwback to party caffeine in vegas ☕️✨ love seein ladies + teammates rockin’ events and creating rad communities. cheers to my girl @taytertalks ????‍♀️
IF YA DON’T KNOW, NOW YA KNOW. @campuslounge is my wood paneled dream diner here in denver. go get the fried chicken sandwich + a glass of rosé and thank me later 💖
WEIRD STUFF MAKES ME HAPPY 🥪 || 📸: @sierravossphotography / styled by me
when ya girl @sierravossphotography lets you style some shoots and the first one involves lots of diner food and flowers and weird looks from patrons and maybe a smothered burrito. 📸 by @sierravossphotography
did some cheese things tonight for @yelpcolorado 🧀⚡️
so nice i’ll post it twice ? the grapefruit toast at @call_denver is my new favorite food group