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I turn dietary restrictions into kitchen opportunities & make food you wanna eat. No gluten, no dairy, no BS. #operationbemoreme #paleohealingcookbook

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Sauerkraut With Ginger
Craaaaaaviiiiing color this winter! So I’m making the most of brilliantly hued fermented foods, like this Red Cabbage Sauerkraut with Ginger. Super simple to make, with plenty of probiotics and anti inflammatory goodness for nerdy nutrition points.
There’s so much pressure in food blogging (translation: in my brain) to produce, produce, produce new content. And sometimes my aforementioned pushy-ass brain implodes with overwhelm and the soup I’m supposed to photograph today ends up sitting in the fridge for three days before I can face dealing with it. Yup, I can literally be bested by something as mundane as soup. It happens 🤷🏻‍♀️ #operationbemoreme # My trick when I cannot handle something right-at-this-second is to pick something else. Something that is useful / constructive / ticks something off a to-do list. Even if I have to add it to a to-do list after I’ve done it to give myself a sense of accomplishment. Doing something, anything really, helps me avoid slipping into an uber-funk of apathy and reminds me that I feel so much better if I don’t spiral further down. It can be as basic as taking a shower or as creative as starting something else that does interest me. Just keeping moving in my brain or body helps. # Anyway, now I’ve totally made this soup the villain of my week, I should tell you it’s actually really good! This is a Roasted Butternut & Apple Soup with Pomegranate Gremolata, spiked with fresh ginger and turmeric. Make it today! And maybe don’t leave it in the fridge for half the week before eating it 😂 . . . . #meatified #dscolor #pursuepretty #liveauthentic #beautifulcuisines #pomegranate #eatpretty #inspirehealth #selfcare #foodstyling #iamwellandgood #thekitchn #huffposttaste #gffmag #thenewhealthy #buzzfeedfood #mindbodygram #nourishyourbody #f52grams #glutenfree #dairyfree #allergyfriendly #feedfeed
This year, I gave myself the gift of not setting ANY resolutions, goals or plans for the year ahead that have to do with food, dietary protocols, or the size, shape and overall judgement of my body. # Because I realized, however well-intentioned, as someone who works in food, as a community we have a horrible habit of pushing a feast or famine mentality with the recipes we share. # We careen from ALL THE TREATS in the run up to and throughout the holidays, then bust out and fall headfirst into all of the soups and greens and juices come January. # And without necessarily meaning to, we subconsciously push the message that people should somehow have to "make up" for "holiday indulgences", or that we should feel guilty for what we ate one month and then somehow "detox" our way through the next month to, what? Punish ourselves for enjoying life? # And that's just not a healthy message, nor is it one I feel comfortable perpetuating, even by accident. # So this year, I'm leading by example, following my own heart and doubling down on practicing what I preach. # Our lives don't have to be a freaking hamster wheel of judgement and shame. We don't have to feel (like we should be) guilty about nourishing our bodies or hearts at any time of the year. Screw that. # 2018 ain't gonna be the year of diets, fads, protocols, macros or self criticism for me. It's gonna be what I've dubbed The Year Of Happiness. Or, you know, the year of doing what the hell I want and loving it. Either works. Feel free to join me in #operationbemoreme 😘 # Oh, and if you're digging the schmexy meat, it's my Marinated Greek Pork Tenderloin. Snag the easy recipe here 👉 (clickable link in profile) #meatified # And if you're gonna yell at me for pink pork, come at me bro! I gots me some extra sass today 😜
Welp, if today isn’t just perfect soup weather! That’s my sarcastic self attempting to see the bright side in the snow. Maybe I should practice 😂 This bowl of Gingered Parsnip Bisque is surely gonna hit the spot about now 🎯 I like to heat it up even further with some galangal if I can get my frostbiten hands on some... 🧤 I kid, I kid... # Grab the easy as recipe here 👉🏻 (clickable link in profile) #meatified
I went to buy capers for this go-to lunch of mine yesterday... and came home with brined green peppercorns, EVEN AFTER “READING” THE INGREDIENTS, go figure. Brain fog is real, yo ? # Anyway, this Sneaky Tuna Salad is an easy way to up your nutritional game AND make lunch in about 180 seconds. You could put it over some good greens and extra veggies to be even more powered up, but in 98% of the real life situations I make this, it’s lucky to see some lettuce and get piled on some plantain chips like this photo. Just keeping it honest ? #operationbemoreme # Snag the recipe and find out why it’s so sneaky here ?? (clickable link in profile) #meatified
Literally ball-ing my way into the year with these Herbed Persian Meatballs with Apricots. Two things: 1) don’t be tempted to oven bake these suckers because they’ll turn out looking like deranged hedgehogs and 2) please don’t ask me if these are Whole30 because I honestly don’t know if the dried fruit in them is grounds for being publicly pelted with rotting vegetables or not ??‍♀️ # While you’re at it, make sure to whip up a double batch of my herbtastic Persian Seasoning and keep it for sprinkling all over roasted meats and veggies next time you’re feeling humdrum about dinner again! # Grab the recipe heeeeere ?? (clickable link in profile) #meatified
When I’m out and about and don’t wanna be the irrational person who’s having a meltdown in the pharmacy line because I forgot to eat, I carry these Sweet & Salted Energy Balls in my purse. Then I eat them to avoid hangries. Because #ballsarebetterthanbars. Or something ? # You can find the easy recipe, along with over 50 other #AIP recipes and ready made snacks that are all gluten, grain and nut free here ?? (clickable link in profile!) #meatified
Stop, drop and roll... yo meatyballs. January makes me wanna dunk myself face first into a bath of cheesy goodness, but since apparently that’s not the most logical ways of dealing with the season, I’m dunking, dipping and drizzling everything in my #dairyfree #nutfree cheese sauce instead. Like these Baked Pizza Meatballs that require no stovetop browning shenanigans. # Snag the recipe here ?? (clickable link in profile!). And check out both the classic and #coconutfree versions of my AIP cheesy sauce on the blog, they’re linked in the meatball post and you can find ‘em by using the handy dandy search tool or recipe index on the site! #meatified
It’s all about the (tortilla) dough, baby. A lovely person just left this comment on my Foolproof Grain-free Tortilla Recipe: “Love these! I have made many grain free tortilla recipes but none seemed to come close to the real thing. What I loved about this recipe is the texture of the dough. I knew right away that it was going to make great tortillas. The only problem is that I eat them too fast. Going to double the recipe next time.” Seems like this lovely person knows what’s up! ???? # If you, too, want tasty tortillas and tacos in your life this year, snag the recipe here ???????? (clickable link in profile) #meatified
Oatmeal With Orange And Golden Milk
Why, yes, I did take a delicious turmeric-laced beverage and turn it into this orange and spice-spiked Golden Milk Oatmeal!