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Oatmeal With Orange And Golden Milk
Why, yes, I did take a delicious turmeric-laced beverage and turn it into this orange and spice-spiked Golden Milk Oatmeal!
Earl Grey Latte With Coconut And Rose
Pinkies out! This coconut, rose and earl grey tea latte is equal parts creamy, comforting and caffeinated! If you're into that kind of thing.
Watermelon Agua Fresca Popsicles
So, before I left for a little anniversary getaway, I made my Watermelon Agua Fresca, then turned that into naturally sweet and delicious popsicles for you guys! I queued up the post so you'd get some frozen treat goodness while I was gone... and then I had a case of the not-so-smarts and forgot to hit "publish". Oopsie! So here they are! Better late than never, I say!
Easiest appetizer ever? Pretty much. Also one of the most popular recipes on the site! My Artichoke Hummus = throw everything in a food processor and whiz. The end. No legumes or seeds were harmed in the making of this dip! 🙅🏻‍♀️(For the record, in a former life I was probably comprised of 82% hummus and pita at any given moment.) # This is one for the last minute potluck or party that sneaks up on you. I know that doesn’t just happen to my disorganized self between now and new year🤨 # Snag the simplest recipe here 👉🏻 #meatified
Cranberry Sauce, pumped the heck up with blood orange, balsamic and rosemary. Because classic doesn’t have to mean booooorriiiiiiiing! 😴 # Also because I’m pretty much allergic to cinnamon and cloves by this time of year. I cannot be alone in that, right? Bueller? BUELLER?!! 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️ # Snag the simple recipe here 👉🏻 (clickable link in profile!) #meatified #operationbemoreme #allthefrees
Dinner time! Swedish Meatballs from my cookbook, made in the Instant Pot using the method in my FREE companion ebook. Piled on top of the Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Parsnips & Rosemary (also in my book) and served with an Cranberry, Apple & Blood Orange Sauce coming to the blog soon! # I am not mad about this meaty ball & comfort food situation! It might be Thursday, but today totally feels like Friday - hands up if you’ve had one of those weeks! 🙋🏻‍♀️ # If you already own my hardcover cookbook Nourish or have pre ordered the paperback edition, The Paleo Healing Cookbook, snag your free IP recipes companion ebook here 👉🏻 #meatified #paleohealingcookbook #nourishpaleo
Gimme this vibrant autumnal twist on classic slaw-y salads! This is a winner of a holiday side, my Shaved Brussels Salad with Avocado & Kumquats, tossed in a herby umami-bomb of a citrus dressing. The perfect contrast to all those delicious starchy holiday dishes! # Kumquats are cute and fun, but if you can’t find em, just sub in juicy pieces of your favorite citrus - I like cara cara, blood orange or grapefruit just as much in this salad 🍊 # Snag the recipe here 👉🏻 (clickable link in profile!) #meatified
“This is, by far, the best seasoning mix I’ve ever tasted!! Even if I can ever go back to the usual taco seasoning, I’m not sure I want to. After this, I’m not missing those nightshades at all. As my children ate this they kept saying, “this is heavenly,” and I quite agree. Thank you.” # Sometimes people leave me lovely comments like this that remind me why I work my butt off to share recipes that help people enjoy great food BECAUSE of their dietary needs rather than IN SPITE of them. # Sometimes recipe blogging feels a little like slinging recipes into a vortex, so I appreciate each and every one of you all the more when you’re kind and generous enough to take the time to reach out and share moments like this with me. Thank you for letting me into your kitchens and meal times and family moments and for inspiring me to keep creating and giving 💕 # And if, after all my waffling, you just wanted the darn nightshade & seed spice free Taco Seasoning recipe (😂), it’s here 👉🏻 (clickable link in profile) #meatified #operationbemoreme
Because it’s time to POMEGRANATE ALL THE THINGS!!! I’m making a batch of my pomegranate pico de gallo and, no, you can’t yell at me for it being nightshade free 😜 # If you’re not feeling the salad vibes at this time of year, I love this jewel-toned goodness scooped on top of stews for its refreshing crunch, stirred through hummus or guacamole for a light and bright hint of acidity or mixed with some sliced olives and artichokes as an easy but unusual accompaniment to classic roast chicken 😋 # Snag the recipe here 👉🏻 (clickable link in profile!) #meatified #allthefrees
Just say no to boring vegetables! These multicolored carrots are roasted and then tossed in a simple-yet-punchy dressing of green olives, parsley (or cilantro if you’re into that sort of thing), lemon, garlic and capers that you’ll wanna make on repeat as winter settles in. # Bonus: they’re weirdly good cold the next day. I say weirdly, but I’m ok with my cold vegetable eating habits 😂 I like to chop em up bite size, pile em on arugula and throw down some rotisserie / leftover chicken on top for a quick lunch! # Snag the recipe here 👉🏻 #meatified