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One Pot Bone Broth Pasta with Butternut Squash, Pancetta and Kale

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Oatmeal With Orange And Golden Milk
Why, yes, I did take a delicious turmeric-laced beverage and turn it into this orange and spice-spiked Golden Milk Oatmeal!
Earl Grey Latte With Coconut And Rose
Pinkies out! This coconut, rose and earl grey tea latte is equal parts creamy, comforting and caffeinated! If you're into that kind of thing.
Watermelon Agua Fresca Popsicles
So, before I left for a little anniversary getaway, I made my Watermelon Agua Fresca, then turned that into naturally sweet and delicious popsicles for you guys! I queued up the post so you'd get some frozen treat goodness while I was gone... and then I had a case of the not-so-smarts and forgot to hit "publish". Oopsie! So here they are! Better late than never, I say!
Smushed or styled? Whichever look is your favorite photo, this super simple Coconut Mango Panna Cotta is the best way to usher in the almost-end of summer. # I tried out a much more frou frou, girly look with this shoot, all tropical flowers, dinky tea cups and greenery... and I'm not really sure how I feel about it 😂 # Snag the recipe here 👉🏻 #operationbemoreme #meatified
Back to school time? I got you, boo! These Sweet and Tart Energy bars are included in my round up of 50+ portable, packable & purse-able #nutfree snacks and emergency AIP foods! I've included both DIY recipes and ready made foods you can just grab and go, too #snackssnackssnacks # Go get 'em here 👉 (clickable link in profile) #meatified
I made you this Melon Agua Fresca with Cucumber & Mint and I wouldn't be judgey if you added some adulting juice because HOW IS IT NOT FRIDAY YET?! #askingforafriend #operationbemoreme # Recipe over here 👉🏻 (clickable link in profile) #meatified
Because I'm not ready to let go of summer - and because it's still early enough to HOLD THE PUMPKIN SPICE, PEOPLE! - I want you to make this Shrimp Ceviche with Peach & Arugula rightthissecond #nocilantrohere # (This post brought to you by pumpkin spice, aka overpriced winter cinnamon! Which, you know, you can buy year round. Like canned pumpkin 😂 *ducks for cover*) #operationbemoreme # Here's the recipe 👉 (clickable link in profile) #meatified
New post on using "weird" ingredients, making my own kitchen stories from nothing and some seasonally confused soup! # "The other reason for my embracing of the unfamiliar is more personal. As someone who grew up with no inherited kitchen history, with almost no stories of sharing meals around a table within my family’s four walls, with one of my strongest memories of a Christmas lunch involving eating in silence because my mother didn’t want us to “talk too much”, I suspect that half of what drove me to cook in the first place was a streak of rebellion, mixed with longing. # Rebellion against a food history that is wrapped up with the intimate pain of a non functional family. Longing to experience something that it (erroneously) seemed almost everyone else had. A fundamental desire to forge new stories even if I didn’t have any to bring with me into the present." #operationbemoreme # And if you're just here for the food, find the recipe for my Chilled Parsnip Apple & Fennel Soup with Cucumber Salad here 👉🏻 #meatified
I'm just saying that if you wanted to adult-ify this Watermelon Agua Fresca with Mint, Ginger & Lime, I would not object... is it just me or should today reaaaally be Friday?! #adulting # Summery recipe ici 👉🏻 (clickable link in profile) #meatified
When summer decides it wants to storm, nightshade free chili bowls to the rescue!! Yes, I said nightshade free! #allthefrees # This is the recipe from my cookbook Nourish, topped with plaintain chips, avocado, red onion, radishes, cilantro, lime and coconut yogurt 😋If you want to really make a comfort food meal of it -- my chili recipe is actually PACKED with hidden veggies -- I highly recommend scooping it atop a baked tater of your choosing for carby completion 🙊 # My husband always says this recipe (and the nightshade free BBQ sauce) is worth the price of my cookbook alone. And yes, he's biased... but being an honorary Texan, he sent me back into the kitchen at least thirty times til I got them right, sooooo he totally knows what's what 😉 Grab your copy here! 👉🏻 #meatified