Cinnamon Spice, Chocolate Chip, And Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
"I belong to a cookies and milk club. There are five of us. Five women with careers, relationships, children, dogs and myriad other responsibilities. But once a month we leave all of that behind and we meet; in the most pure way that we can think of, over cookies and milk. We talk, we listen, we tease, we advise, we connect, we vent, we encourage, we sometimes cry, but most of all we laugh. In those moments, we cast aside every obligation and we reclaim that time when our biggest worry was making it through one hand clapping round of Oh Mary Mack at recess, without screwing up! So, if we can no longer play tag or jacks, jump rope or play hopscotch, we can at least still have cookies and milk. Cinnamon spice, chocolate chip, and oatmeal raisin ... with chocolate milk for me, because that's the only way that I'll drink milk."
-- @martine.boyer