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Creamy Wild Mushroom And Sage Polenta
* Creamy Sage Polenta with Sautéed Wild Mushrooms ? * San Francisco's weather really is out of control. A few days ago it was 80F (finalllllly ?) and, unsurprisingly, it dropped 20 degrees today, but that's not all! This weekend it's suppose to jump yet again to 80F ? haha I honestly would hate to be a tourist visiting this city ? Just bring your entire closet pretty much ? But since the next few days seem to be on the cooler side, I'm making some fall comfort foods, like this creamy polenta ? Such an easy recipe that finally lets me use all the sage I have growing in my garden ? Do you guys have any recipes that use sage? Would love to get a little creative with the herb ❤️ ps: I'll share this recipe on Saturday...when it's suppose to be 80F ☀️ -@marie.reginato
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