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Homemade Bloody Mary Mix

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Hazelnut And Cocoa Nib Banana Bread
BANANA BREAD Happy 2nd Advent! You've got some ripe bananas left and don't know how to use them? If you're a food blogger your eyes will probably start to shine right now 'cause ripe bananas are the international signal that it's high time for banana bread!
Coconut, Banana, Acai And Dark Chocolate Popsicles
Even if the weather in Germany right now isn’t really how I imagined this summer to be (it’s raining half of the time and we’re not even close to pool weather) – at least we’ve got popsicles! It makes me think of the warm and sunny times we still had some weeks ago. (nostalgia haha) If you live at a place where you can feel the sun on your skin right now and wish for something cold and fresh to enjoy the heat this might be the solution: Acai-berry/ coconut- banana popsicles. And for those of you who also live in Europe where the weather plays april: I’m sure that the heat will come back and we should be prepared!?I created this recipe for @purelysuperfoods
Breakfast for two ? (Alexis had to wait for about 30 minutes until I prepared the food and took enough pictures ? #foodbloggerlife ) 1. layer: chia pudding 2. layer: strawberries + some peanut butter 3. layer: apple sauce 4. layer: smoooothie ? (1 banana, 1 kiwi, some pineapple, dash of coconut water, handful frozen berries), 5. layer: caramelized apple & pumpkin seeds ??I'm back at university. I'm having a photo course this week and I thought about taking one of my foodie pictures for an example of how to work with the camera aperture ? :) hope you're all having a good day ☺?
Yesterday's dinner. Sometimes a mix of different dishes you like can taste pretty good ? since Sri Lanka I'm in love with coconut roti- it's so easy to make and so delicious. Ate it with some mixed greens ? I had a great Easter weekend with the perfect mix of work, sport and time with friends. Only the weather could've been a bit better :D ???
Happy Easter! ??? Whenever I post a picture on IG there are many steps before I finally upload it. Prepare the food, find a good setting, take pictures, choose the best and edit it. My pictures definitely wouldn't look the way they do without Lightroom! ?? that's why I've teamed up with @adobecreativecloud by clicking on the link in my bio you have the chance to win a food photography kit worth €2000 and a full year subscription to Creative Cloud Photography ?the competition ends on April 23rd! Good luck ☺ #sponsored #adobephotography #creativecloudphotography (btw you can find the recipe on the blog:))
Banana blueberry walnut bread anyone? ? you can still participate at my easter spice giveaway with @justspices ? (until tomorrow!!!) you can find all the informations on a previous post ??
Today's breakfast ? I finally made some porridge again ? 1 handful oats, 2 tsp coconut yogurt, 1 tsp hemp seeds, dash of plant based milk, 1 tsp oatmeal spice @justspices ??? you can still participate at my easter giveaway party and win a package of 7 different mixed spices ?? (only until tomorrow - you can find all the Infos in a previous post) ❤ topped the porridge with pineapple, strawberries, granola, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, coconut flakes and walnuts. Oh and how do you like my new bowl? I bought it in #srilanka , it's made out of cinnamon wood ??
Yesterday's dinner. Zoodles mixed with Rice noodles and tomatoes, topped with homemade avocado- arugula pesto ?? the recipe for the pesto is on my blog :) wish you all some great Easter holidays ???Did you already see my giveaway with @justspices ? You can find the details under my last post ?
I just looked through some older pictures and noticed that I didn't make any pancakes since I'm back in Germany ? We have to change that!! @alexiavs ?? #howisthatevenpossible