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Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls with Eggnog Glaze

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Last night's dinner remnants into Sunday lunch. Gochujang marinated pork in the cast iron, carrot-ginger-sesame slaw, lime-pickled mango and soy cucumbers, composed as a salad with cilantro, blood orange and lots of toasted sesame. Leftovers are best. #loveykitchen
We carted home from Egypt a few jars of tahina and as much as I love it simply stirred with some lemon juice and salt to sauce all the things, I’ve been itching to use it in a sweet preparation. These banana muffins did the trick for some snowday baking—with tahina and olive oil as the base fats, studded with toasted walnuts and dark chocolate, and topped with sesame seed to play up the nutty undertones. And the house smells all kinds of divine. (Thanks for the recipe inspiration, @claudiabrick!) #loveykitchen
Come September, when we’re ear deep (sorry) in corn and can’t eat another cob for the season, we make a point of freezing several large bags’ worth of kernels. It’s always a treat when we find a languishing bag in the depths of our freezer in the depths of winter. These were blasted in a cast iron with rendered pork fat, and tossed with lime juice and zest, pickled red onion, jalapeño and lots of cilantro for a quick salsa to spoon over tonight’s carnitas with avocado, sour cream and adobo sauce. . P.S.: We were the (admittedly, skeptical) recipients of an Instapot over the holidays and since we’ve been back in town have been testing her in our kitchen. Verdict still is out, but we’ve made some tasty braised lamb with preserved lemon, @heidijswanson's Uzbek-style herbed plov (a recent recipe on her site), and tonight’s blood orange-adobo carnitas is bubbling away and smells pretty darn good. I don’t think I’ll ever trade her for my beloved Le Creuset, but it’s been a fun little tool to learn. Any favourite Instapot recipes? . P.P.S.: Thanks for all the kind and concerned messages about morning sickness, given the definite lack of food posts around here! Thankfully, I’ve escaped so far without any, and save a curious aversion to both coffee and lamb in my first trimester, I've eaten well as usual! It’s been a winter of later dinners and fewer photos, but we’re in the kitchen as much as ever. xo #loveykitchen
Sleepy snowy Saturday morning—sour cream pancakes with brown butter cinnamon pears, maple cream and toasty walnuts. Midst the hustle and bustle of Christmas season, it's so nice to have a quiet morning home, all leisurely breakfast and bottomless cups. #loveykitchen