Puffed Amaranth And Almond Milk Horchata by luckystaranise | Quick & Easy Recipe | The Feedfeed
Puffed Amaranth And Almond Milk Horchata
"with berries and mint and a sprinkle of bee pollen. and lots of ice cubes!"
-- @luckystaranise
Ingredients (per glass/portion):
3 tablespoons of puffed amaranth seeds
A little less than 1 cup of almond milk (200 ml)
A few mixed berries
Agave syrup
Vanilla and/or cinnamon (optional)
Ice cubes (optional)
Place the puffed amaranth in a bowl and add a little lukewarm water so they are well covered. Let them soak for ten minutes. Pour the soaked amaranth along with the almond milk, the berries and a teaspoon of agave syrup in the bowl of a blender and blend for two to three minutes, until smooth. Add a little extra water if the mix is too thick. You can season this drink with a pinch of ground vanilla or cinnamon if you like. Add some ice cubes before serving. 
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