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Spice Roasted Cauliflower with Roasted Garlic Hummus and Tahini Drizzle

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@loyalonbleecker is open! Come on by and the first shot of Hot Toddy is on us.
Thanks @thrillist for including us in an amazing list of brunch destinations. We’ll share some griddle pancakes and warm monkey bread with you anytime!
The next few days are going to be rough NYC. Know what keeps us warms during the winter? #foie #broth and #fresh #veggies Only @loyalonbleecker
After the holiday we thought “What’s the best drink to take you back to the weekly grind?” The Negroni- for sure. See you tonight @loyalonbleecker
Who’s ready for tomorrow night? Lots of fun to happen @loyalonbleecker. See you then!
It’s Friday of the holiday weekend. Kick off your shoes, relax and enjoy some tempura beech mushrooms @loyalonbleecker
A break in the cold weather calls for a celebration. Come by and let @saltafuri serve you up a “Willy Wonka” -think about a delicious Old Fashioned, with a kick of Chocolate Bitters. Stirred, smooth and only @loyalonbleecker
Some things just go together, Poultry Liver Mousse & Brioche for example. Or You, Dinner & @loyalonbleecker See you tonight!
This NOT a mimosa, or a Bellini or whatever “what’s his name” is pouring into some sparkling something. However it’s delicious & @loyalonbleecker is open for our first Brunch this weekend. Who’s coming?