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Sage Brown Butter Pumpkin Risotto
I've got fall the brain and this Sage Brown Butter Pumpkin Risotto on deck. [recipe in the archives on] ??? #meatlessmonday #recipe #ontheblog #lefooding
Oh hey, I made a cake! If you missed it last week over on @studio512tv -- the always lovely @amandatatom and I had a Lucy in the Chocolate factory moment making this delicious Sweet Potato Cake with Chocolate Pecan Glaze - baking and making silliness! 😂🍠🍰🍫Grab the recipe @localsavour
Adding a little Texas twist to classic pesto 🌱🌶 recipe {and VIDEO} up over on @localsavour
Don't settle for a boring lunch ~ up your sammie game with these BLT Bánh Mì Sandwiches. Recipe over on @localsavour at 🥓🍅🥒🌶
This one is a big family favorite ~ Southwestern Chicken Enchiladas with Homemade Enchilada Sauce #recipe #ontheblog @localsavour 🍽🍻
Still feeding a crowd or needing a little holiday recovery food? Brisket + Spinach Breakfast Bake - cheesy, meaty goodness for a perfect morning after dish that pairs well with a hot cup of joe or a good Bloody Mary. 🎉☕️🥂🍹recipe at @localsavour
I'm making these Dark Chocolate Orange Rum Balls with the lovely @amandatatom using Dark Chocolate, Texas Oranges + Pecans, and @treatyoaktx Rum over on @kxan_news @studio512tv today at 12:30! Tune in 👌🏻and grab the recipe on @localsavour 🍫🍊😋
Add more color to your holiday table with this Chimichurri Roasted Carrot Salad recipe at @localsavour >>> 🥕💚 #holiday #vegetarian #recipes