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My lunch salad for the week! Israeli couscous, wild rice, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, tofu and black olives 💁🏻‍♀️ seasoned with lemon, salt and pepper
Prepped these delicious mushroom lentil walnut “meatballs” for the week! I used the proportions of @ohsheglows recipe for the three main ingredients. I decided not to add the sweetness for her cranberries though, and instead added soy sauce and paprika to achieve a more savoury flavour. Nomnom
@amandatrian and I made this DELICIOUS dinner a few nights ago and I’m not over it. Vegan mac n cheese with my vegan queso sauce, and vegan Caesar salad! Was my first time making Caesar dressing and I essentially adapted from a few recipes online to fit what I had in my pantry. We made homemade croutons and crisped up some veggie round in the oven. It was so good! We both ate one whole head of romaine lettuce’s worth 😍😍
Quinoa salad for the week! I used the same tofu recipe as my last post, just in cube form. I used extra marinade to dress the whole salad! Other ingredients are edamame, chickpea, carrots and cherry tomato 👌🏼
Tofu steaks 😍 My fav and go-to marinate is a bit complex but worth it I swear. Chopped green onions, chopped cilantro, paprika, onion powder, minced garlic, soy sauce and lime juice. Marinate before grilling then coat with remaining marinade!
Ok hello everybody I am back. This yummy kale, red cabbage, lentil and barley salad has a yummy green olive dressing 😋😋😋 Tofu in the back is blurry but will be in the next post yum