Blissful Oaty Banana Nut Muffins

Blissful Oaty banana nut muffins. Perfected after a couple of wrong turns in the test kitchen today…
Blissful Oaty banana nut muffins. Perfected after a couple of wrong turns in the test kitchen today. These are fluffy yet chewy, tasty and crammed with oats, bananas, almonds, eggs and no sugar or processed anything. In honour of breakfast week, and because of an exciting new development @vitalovebaby we're getting stuck into the best ways of breaking that fast. For children, not just the grown ups. We all know about breakfast but at nutrition school there were endless studies showing how kids are increasingly eating less and worse foods first thing and how that affects everything. Often time is scarce first thing, and sugary cereals, jammy toasts and any number of refined floury offerings are the norm. Kids are starving in the mornings, and need some great fuel to keep them going through school. Brains and bodies are not at their best after a sugar slump or just not enough filling, nutritious food. Countless studies show school performance is affected by energy levels. So to help with that problem, after a client begged for some breakfasts for her freezer, we've devised a NEW offering. ❤️ BREAKFAST PACKS for the WEEK ❤️ All frozen to lock in the goodness, all packed with goodies to fill tummies and easy to grab on the run. 5 beautifully balanced kids breakfasts. Smoothies, muffins, granola bars and frittatas in the mix. Veg, fruit, nuts and more. All ready and available to order from this week. First 10 orders get free delivery. Cos we v excited about this. ⏰⏰

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The best thing about baking at home is that you are able to use quality ingredients and can also add all kinds of healthy goodness to your baked goods. I have added flax seeds, psyllium husk, chia seeds, almond meal, honey, and maple syrup to replace white flour and white sugar.
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