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Vegan Colombian Arepas
"I’m so excited to share these VEGAN Colombian Arepas! My boyfriend is Colombian and he has been asking me to make these for a long time but I always shrugged it off because I didn’t think I could do it justice. Arepas are not vegan in the slightest. They contain butter and cheese! This recipe was given to me by Daniel’s mom and I made some slight tweaks to make it vegan. They are surprisingly easy to make and not intimidating at all. Daniel loved these and said they taste just like the one he grew up eating. Vegan Colombian Arepas can be served in various ways. Serve them at breakfast with a cup of coffee. Turn them in to a sandwich or serve them along side dinner instead of bread. Or even as a dessert paired with hot chocolate. So many ways! And with this recipe, I plan to try them all. When you make this recipe, tell me how you served yours down below!"
-- @livveganstrong