Matcha Mint Chip Balls
"Every time I make this recipe I think of my Grandad. As some of you know - he loved mint chocolate chip. I always wonder if he would actually like this recipe 😅. If I explained that Matcha was green tea, he'd probably say that my grammy always said green tea was good for you. so he'd try it. He'd take a hesitant bite over a carefully laid out paper towel to catch the crumbs, smile mischeviously, say something along the lines of "That's pretty good, sweetpea. You should open a shop someday. People would pay for this!", and proceed to stick my Mint Chip Matcha Balls on top of a giant bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 🍦😜. I 10/10 teared up writing this caption, but I mainly wanted to let everyone know that I made some updates to this recipe on my blog - retested it and added some snippets of wisdom that'll make it more intuitive to make. ✨"
-- @livingwells_