Vegan Hazelnut Hot Chocolate
"Hot chocolate is a nostalgic seasonal favorite of mine from childhood, so I decided to upgrade it with this Vegan Hazelnut Hot Chocolate that won't leave you in a sugar/lactose coma for hours. The @mastbrothers is optional & not vegan buuuut "
-- @livingminnaly
Recipe Intro From livingminnaly
I am actually afraid to try this, I am so certain I will be instantly addicted. Hazelnut and chocolate is one of my favorite combinations! All kidding aside, what a great riff on Hot Chocolate! This hot drink is a special treat to be sure - it's on the heavy side - but can be enjoyed knowing that you're getting a solid serving of folates, which help keep the cardiovascular system healthy. And, it's still low in sugar and if you choose to use dark chocolate, packs antioxidants.