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Happy #friyay friends! #treatyoself to some #cheatdayeats hehe. This #fbf was the lovely #stickydatepudding at #pscafe - it brings back such lovely memories of our time living in London and when I could eat a lot more #sweettreats during my skinnier days 😂
My is it Friday yet? I’m experimenting with a few new #healthyrecipes this week. These #vegan #glutenfree chocolate chip cookies were pretty decent and I’m trying beet muffins today. I’m making up for a few #cheatdayeats (will post in my stories!) Do you have any #healthyeats recipes to share?
I’ve had such cravings for sweets and junk food lately. But I’m happy I’ve still eaten mostly #healthyfood despite it all. We’re having a dinner party tomorrow and I’m at a loss for dessert. Should I make these #glutenfree banana blueberry muffins? Or should I try to be decadent and make a chocolate cherry cake? We have so many #lunarnewyear parties it can be hard to eat healthy. #healthyeats or #cheatdayeats hmmmm
Yay for Thursday! As the weekend approaches I think about what #healthyeats I can bake for my little one. These #vegan chocolate chip #cookies were pretty tasty. I try new recipes frequently to find #sweettreats that are healthy and hopefully #sugarfree too. Do you have any recommendations? #healthyliving #foodglooby
You know when you meet with friends and suspect something is up? We met with good friends we hadn’t seen in a while and thought they might have big news. They’re moving! #expatlife in #singapore means people come and go easily. But at least we will have friends in Australia now! 📷: I’ll miss #cheatday #sweettreats with this friend who was also such a fitness inspiration. This meal’s #desserts were full of toffee and ice cream. Luckily I still have other #dessertlover friends 😉#heresmyfood
I’m celebrating small victories because the baby is sleeping well! It was a brutal few months and sleep was terrible in California. But I’m still tired all the time. The last year of terrible sleep is catching up with me (I couldn’t sleep well while pregnant either). Oh and I’ve vowed to make these #glutenfree #sugarfree muffins again soon. I definitely indulge but am trying to make more #healthysnacks too. #happyhumpday #heresmyfood
This weekend’s #baking project was #healthier #chocolatechipcookies for a play date. My little one and I made these simple #vegan #glutenfree #sugarfree ones and they were pretty tasty! They’re not the same as my usual recipe but a decent alternative. What have you been eating this weekend?
What is your favorite fruit? My little lady luckily loves #fruit. We are for fortunate to try many unique tropical fruits here. She loves longan, these spiky #rambutan and all kinds of berries. I’m glad #lunarnewyear is coming up and she can try a lot more fruit!#heresmyfood #lifeinsingapore
I’ve been featuring more #foodporn because I just love eating when I’m back in the US (bring on all the burgers and Latin foods!) I never order salad but this #cobbsalad called to me. It’s so hearty and filling and I needed a little break from all the meat (bacon doesn’t count right?) What are the foods you eat when you’re in #vacationmode ? #foodforthesoul #foodtrip
So when I’m in #vacationmode I definitely indulge. I was at #thegrove and had to visit #dominiqueanselbakery for a few treats. His bakery is beautifully decorated and the #pastries are all gorgeous. I bought a few and they were rich and delicious. If I’m going to have #sweettreats for #cheatday I’m going all in ?Yes I had the #cronut too and will try to find a picture of that to post too!