Warm Roasted Beets And Winter Citrus Salad
"It’s Blood Orange Season! Warm roasted beets & winter citrus salad for lunch! This salad is so refreshing, nutritious and easy to put together!


4 golden beets
olive oil
1 large orange
3 blood oranges
2 valencia oranges
Meyer lemon
minced shallot

Take the golden beets, clean and cut into quarters, sprinkle with EVOO and salt and roast until tender. Skin and slice the citrus fruits. Spread citrus slices and warm beets on top of baby kale and arugula salad. Then sprinkle with a Meyers lemon and minced shallot dressing! You will love it!"
-- @lisa_vipond
Recipe Intro From lisa_vipond
Another colorful winter salad, with Oranges and roasted beets by the lovely Lisa! What is not to love!? So healthy and refreshing!

Winter, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan