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Lisa Vipond
Seattle, WA
Home cook with a passion for simple, nourishing meals, healthy snacks for kids & gluten free desserts!

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Watermelon And Fried Rosemary Salad
Hot Sunday nights are perfect for fresh watermelon salads! This watermelon salad from @bonappetitmag is soooo good and definitely a favorite!
Bacon, Egg And Veggie Sheet Pan Breakfast
Sheet pan meals have become my thing this summer! This breakfast was thrown together while doing everything else that needed 'doing'! Super easy, delicious and healthy! Happy Monday!
Browned Butter, Vanilla-cardamom Dutch Baby With Glazed Cinnamon Apples
Browned butter, vanilla-cardamom Dutch baby with glazed cinnamon apples to get this Sunday going! Inspired by @marthastewart and I must say, the amazing smell of this pancake and apples got my kids up and out of their beds easily!
Grilled Artichokes With Ghee And Remoulade
Although it's been pouring rain all day - I was able to light the grill up for these gorgeous artichokes! Grilled artichokes are my go-to on warm sunny days with friends - they just taste like 'a good time'! So I'll be enjoying these delicious and lightly charred artichokes, with some girlfriends tonight, while channeling sunny days ahead! Yay! Happy Wednesday!
Wild Salmon And Shaved Brussel Sprouts
Okay, I know it is early here in the PNW but I am all for dinner inspo right now! This Wild Salmon & Shaved Brussel Sprout dinner is fresh, delicious and healthy! Perfect for keeping those sugar/carb cravings at bay and resolutions going!
Red Pepper Butternut Squash Soup
This soup, Red Pepper + Butternut Squash soup, is in honor of the last red peppers from my garden ... sniff, sniff. I came back home this week to the last of my peppers + tomatoes. My kids ate the last of the green peppers from the vine and I had 6 red peppers left. What a summer, and oh how I will miss the smell of fresh tomatoes, peppers and herbs from my garden. We've settled down into the fall routine and soups been on a repeated request.
Carrot Cake Oatmeal
Dessert for breakfast! If you guessed 'Gluten free - carrot cake oatmeal' you nailed it! With fall bringing cooler temps and rainy days this breakfast is my latest crave as it smells and tastes just so cozy. The ease of whipping everything together is an added bonus AND it earned a 'three-thumbs-up rating this morning! Thanks @bonappetitmag for the inspiration!
Quinoa Bowl With Roasted Fall Vegetables, Crispy Sage And Walnuts
I am excited to have partnered with @thefeedfeed and @methodhome to bring to you this Roasted Fall Vegetable with Crispy Sage & Walnuts Quinoa bowl. The creative inspiration for this fall recipe came from method’s new fragrance, Blue Sage. This beautiful, limited-edition and naturally derived scented gel hand wash captures a crisp autumn day with notes of juniper, cypress and sage. Blue Sage is one of four fall-inspired fragrances packaged in a sophisticated and painterly bottle designed by Brooklyn-based designer Rebecca Atwood. Method’s Blue Sage reminded me how I love cooking with fresh sage. This aromatic herb is so versatile and is absolutely perfect to fry and crisp. With fall vegetables readily available and the ease of preparing everything, this healthy recipe is sure to be on repeat for those cooling days ahead. Enjoy! #methodlovesRA #feedfeed #Sponsored #vegan
Frozen Poached Peaches With Fresh Strawberries And Mint
About those poached peaches... Frozen Peaches with Strawberries + Mint dessert ~ Recipe from @bonappetitmag This is truly a great recipe - beautiful, refreshing and healthy! Absolutely perfect for hot summer nights! With just a bit of time to prepare - poached peaches, with a hint of mint and vanilla, are skinned (a bit tricky) and then slightly frozen. It's glutenfree and refined sugar free (I omitted the sugar called for in the recipe). The peaches were like peach sorbet~soft, cold and icy. My kids LOVED them and our friends thought they were delicious and unique! Just what one would hope right? ?. A fun, light twist to dessert on a hot summer night ~ not one peach was left! ??. Hope you all had a lovely weekend! #latergram . .If you'd like more ideas for #Glutenfree recipes be sure to head on over to @thefeedfeed Glutenfree Dessert Feed for more ideas and inspiration. There are so many creative and fun recipes to check out and try. . . . #bareaders #dessert #grainfree #vegan #peaches #feedfeed #f52grams #mindbodygram #summer #howisummer #inseasonnow #onmytable #heresmyfood #cooking #frozen #paleo#healthy #whole30 #cleaneating #whole30recipe #nourisheverybody
Apple Wood Smoked + Grilled Corn Salad
Okay, okay... Just a corn salad right? Well this is an 'apple wood smoked' + grilled corn salad! All done on my new slick @webergrills So darn good! The hint of smokiness along with the charred corn is just delicious! The champagne vinegar and Fresno chilis adds just enough zip and punch to really get you craving more! Perfect as a side for dinner, a BBQ, mixed in with a salad or scooped on top of tacos - Delish! .How to: Put Grilled corn smoked with applewood chips and cut off the cobs, into bowl. Mix together - Sliced shallots, 1/2 Fresno chili, 1 lime juice and champagne vinegar with S+P. Pour over cut corn, mix, add 1 C of Queso Cotija cheese crumbled all up and 1 C cilantro leaves - I like to not cut the cilantro in a salad like this. Mix again and let sit 20 minutes. Sooooo easy, healthy and good! Happy Saturday! .