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Sheet Pan Spice Rubbed Salmon and Vegetables

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Butternut Squash Soaked With Sugar And Cinnamon Sticks
My favorite Turkish dessert. Soaked overnight with raw sugar, anis and cinnamon sticks pumpkin, then boiled for a while and baked in oven. Thank you my darling @fridaaa24, it was perfect??
Moscow is far away from sea. But it turned out somehow that you can buy fresh fish here much cheaper than in Boston. So I couldn't neglect the opportunity to make a tasty and healthy dinner for my family.
Need. More. Coffee. ☕️we have a very lazy Saturday morning after yesterday's movie night. Still in pajamas, enjoying doing nothing. Thank again to my friends @eclectic.lab.designs for this background masterpiece
Italian dinner is always a good idea. And tomatoes and basil is probably the best combination?
Жизнь прекрасна своими шероховатостями, оттенками и полутонами, текстурами и фактурами. 〰"Don't be scared to cut off jealous, hateful, disrespectful, and disloyal people. You're better off without them."
No way to resist when it's made by your friend's gentle hands? И масла побольше!?
My kids made me bake the cake today. Now I have to pretend there is no any cake in my fridge. Just broccoli.?