Spicy Chicken, Chili, Mozzarella, Pine Nuts And Arugula
"A pizza inspired by a restaurant in Italy. Spicy chicken, chili, mozzarella, pine nuts and arugula - but no pizza sauce. Worth trying!
The topping is inspired by a visit to a restaurant in the south of Italy. Slice 200g chicken in desired bits and fry them in a pan with two teaspoons of Sambal olek and one teaspoon finely chopped chili. Roast two tablespoons of pine nuts. Grate 100 g cheddar. Apply the cheddar on the dough followed by the slices of chicken and put your pizza in a preheated oven (as hot as possible!), Cook for 12-15 minutes. Take the pizza out, apply the mozzarella and let it rest for a couple of minutes. Before serving, you add the arugula and pine nuts."
-- @leneeng