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Vegan Katsu Curry with Fried Tofu
"I cannot wait to be able to cook again, but I'm still not fit for purpose so a throwback will have to do. This #vegankatsu recipe is an old but a good one (recipe link 🔗in my bio). It's delicious fried but you can also bake the tofu in 200C/390F for about 30min, with one flip half way. No #tofu, no sweat, use thick sweet potato and eggplant slices instead. Enjoy while I'll attempt another sleep 😴"
-- @lazycatkitchen
A Note from Feedfeed

Crispy fried tofu over fluffy rice and creamy vegan curry is the perfect weeknight meal! You have all the textures and flavors in one bowl. Serve with extra pickled radishes and your favorite greens.