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Key Lime Pie with Meringue Topping

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“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” - #MLK. We could all use a little 🙏🏻
S I P / ?? very important work outing. dark chocolate with oat milk ?
S O U P E R // who’s putting on a pot of (plant-based) chili? 🙋🏻‍♀️ What’s your favorite #superbowl chili recipe? Share in the comments 👇🏻
T O P 9 / what a year, 2017. this grid is a warm reminder of some of my favorite moments, AND that #Whole30 ? jk, that was fun too ☺️ these little squares are evidence of all the love and energy I put into building @lauralindalou and the amazing people I met, fed, hugged, taught, laughed with and learned from. and today is my last day in LA. tomorrow it’s home for the holidays before I move on to my next adventure. I’m not sure yet what 2018 holds for this brand, but I’ll still be cooking, definitely eating, and absolutely sharing, while learning and growing even more. it’s bittersweet to leave this city that has given me so very many gifts in such a short time: greater confidence, new skills, beautiful new friendships, opportunities I never even saw coming, healing that I so desperately needed, and unconditional love ? I’m so incredibly grateful ??✨? #top9
F R E S H ? // there is a NEW recipe on LLL ☝?☝? for this mostly-plants avocado Caesar with shaved cauliflower and grated macadamia nuts ? go get the recipe and get some greens in before next week’s eating marathon. recipe link in the profile!
D E S E R T ✨ // new colors in full effect at LLL. painted a new background today (finally -- the supplies have been sitting in the corner since AUGUST) ?
✨ \\ I was blessed with some time to restore and reflect before we head into the holidays. Of all the lessons I've learned this year, remembering to be gentle with myself has been No. 1 ☝?
S E N D N O O D S / #fbf to cup o' zoodles on, happy #NationalNoodleDay! ? ❤️
P A L E T T E // feeling these succulent + southwestern colors so much they've made their way into my new props (? some succulent-green @heathceramics plates too) All I need are some new linens -- hey, LA, tell me where you find estate sales!