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Lemon and White Chocolate Tart

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Vegan Avocado Ice Cream Sandwiches
Homemade vegan gluten free, paleo cookies with vegan avocado ice cream! Delicious treat for our hot nyc weather! Is it summer where you are already?
Всегда больше любила белковый крем, масляный помню просто отдавала папе! ?? Но соблазняюсь все-таки легче икрой и колбасой чем тортиком! А вы???
To do things with one hand is not so easy. I've learned how to wash dishes and make myself an easy breakfast when hubby is not around! It's a very good thing that God gave us two hands!? Be well dear friends!?
Spring is in my heart n home!?? Wrapped up in hubby's cashmere sweater with hot cup of coffee so far it's the best way to meet #Saturday!?
#NY air smells like spring! I guess It's time to prepare for it!? In love with my new messenger bag! Thank you so much to the @MostWantedUSA for my beautiful gift! Now I'm all set for long strolles in my fave spots in the #city! Spring, I'm ready for you, come quickly!? #CraveMWUSA . (available in both black and brown)?
Can't go wrong with #hot #chocolate!? May your Monday be delish!? #bestofvegan
Sometimes it's simple pleasures that make the difference? #coffeelover Happy Sunday!