The Art of French Cooking Entry
"I have always dreamed of framing a Diplôme de Cuisine and hanging it in a place of honor in my kitchen. Right now, as I stand at my compact Manhattan apartment kitchen, I turn to my left and an image of Julia Child watches over me as I cream butter and sugar or whip egg whites to stiff peaks. • You see, I have always wanted to attend #LeCordonBleu to follow in the footsteps of my culinary idol, Julia Child. For quite a while now I have been focusing on the sweeter side of the food world, but I am ready to lift the lid of French culinary traditions and go back to the basics of cuisine. To learn to master the perfect Sauce Velouté, or take the time to truly understand the beauty behind of a Soufflé au Fromage. • With the certificate I would take what I learn and share the classic recipes and techniques through social media and food writing, just as Julia taught through her books and tv programs. Thank you to #feedfeed for this incredible #contest opportunity. Bon Appetit!"
-- @kristinavanni