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When dinner looks this good {&& is that easy..!} on a Monday, it's bound to be a ballin' week ?
Spicy sweet digestive & breath mix??passed around the table at our last breakfast in Udaipur. Beauty, eh?
Dessert ? blueberry & apple crisp with my favourite creamy coconut yogurt ??. Basic recipe in my story tonight!
Dreaming of spicy kimchi soups this morning.... ?? #beautifulcuisines
Nothin' like piping hot nacho-lentil-smothered yam fries to warm up a gloomy day??
Celebrating #friyay & birthdays with Raw ??Lemon Hibiscus mini cakes.
Sunday so far ✌?️brainstorming travel/photography/life ideas. Hella wanderlusting up in here. Baking ginger cookies + eating mega mashed potatoes loaded with parsley olives sundried tomatoes and oyster mushrooms. All whilst @devapremalmiten serenade my soul. Happy Sunday folks! #happysunday #slowfood #kissmybowl #wwllt