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Kimberly Pine
Food Alchemist teaching peeps how to purify and liberate 15-30 pounds of weight.

Spiked Iced Tea and Lemonade Cocktails

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Dark Chocolate Almond & Cherry 'nice' Cream
Oh yes. Dark Chocolate Cherry Amaretto Ice Cream cherries are rich in melatonin, which helps sleep and bodily regeneration. All the more reason for ice cream before bed I'm live at the @thefeedfeed snapchat showing you how step by step. hai new friends! So happy you're here I would love for you share with me your fav cherry dish ;)
Fig And Chocolate Shake
Fig and Chocolate Shake /// bright and beautiful immune boosting reminder for you to play with your food ;) 1 T. cacao 1. T. Rishi musbroom 2 scoops chocolate protein powder 1 c. Almond milk Raspeberries and figs
Deep Dish Gluten Free Vegan Mandala Pizza
Deep Dish GF Vegan Mandala Za // I had a request from my friend @tickledwizard and oh my word what a delightful challenge it was. It was hard to take this picture because I wanted to NOM HARD. I felt light and uplifted afterwards.
Savory Sage And Sweet Potato Galette (gluten Free)
GF Savory Sage Sweet Potato Galette // absolutely splendid. It came to me when making sweet potato ghnocci one day- it would work for a galette crust. Bon Apetit
Midnight Green Lemonade
Midnight Green Lemonade /// my body is craving a hit of the green, my mean green kale. Just two stalks of kale, 2 lemons, 16 oz water and 10 drops of stevia.
Apple (doterra) Honey Lavender Blossoms
Apple (doTerra) Lavender Blossoms /// I am absolutely in love with the delicate honey and lavender. It's so subtle and exotic using two essential oils- lemon and lavender.
Matcha Green Tea And Vanilla Protein Shake
Matcha Green Tea // vanilla protein // I struck genius last night... And it kept me awake all night!!!! This AMAZING excuse for a protein shake is uber fat-burning. And, SO much better than... Other places ? --- added 2 t. dNA matcha green powder, 16 oz coconut milk, 2 scoops "shake it out" vanilla protein shake ---
Keto hot pocket / yes you will be lustful 😜 . . . #thefeed #feedfeed #foodvideos #huffposttaste #keto #ketogenic #f52grams #tasty #feedfeedglutenfree #foodporn #foodblogger @thefeedfeed @thefeedfeed.glutenfree
Overnight chia pudding // I was obsessed with recipe for weeks. It's easy to travel with. . . . Shot for @weighbetr using @terrasoul cacao and chia . . . @thefeedfeed.glutenfree #feedfeed #foodblogger #huffposttaste #healthylifestyle #fitam #f52grams #beautifulcuisines @beautifulcuisines
Sweet dreams are made of this!!! Smoothie for @weighbetr go check me out ❤️ I love being a food photographer! . . . #huffposttaste #thefeed #feedfeed #smoothie #orange #foodblogger #foodphotographer #foodporn #f52grams #fitnessmotivation #fitsp #healthylifestyle #iifym #iifymgirls