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Chicken Noodle Soup With Lemon And Leeks
Once again, this weekend reminded me that a supportive community is such a gift. I had girlfriends help me make this chicken noodle soup (even though I could only drink the broth) and do my dishes and keep me on my face icing schedule. I had friends make and deliver delicious, puréed soups. And my sweet husband did most of my bidding even though I've felt remarkably well. Maybe I'm being dramatic about a surgery that tons of people have, but I'm still grateful for all people who make me feel so well-loved. ? (If you're in the mood to say nice things to other people, my #Powersheets giveaway goes through midnight tonight, and you can enter 3 posts back ??)
Ginger & Squash Buttermilk Waffles
Breakfast with my boo // wholegrain buttermilk "bumpkin" waffles (bumpkin = a hybrid of pumpkin + butternut squash) with ginger + lemon zest.
Still dreaming about this flourless chocolate cake with sparkling cranberries (and Grand Marnier whipped cream) I made for Friendsgiving. It’s one of my go-to dinner party and holiday desserts because all it takes is chocolate, butter, eggs, and sugar. (Plus it’s gluten-free but doesn’t taste like it!) Recipe is on the blog.
Making some pretty “sparkling” cranberries to top my Friendsgiving dessert tonight! They’re as easy as this: soak cranberries in warm simple syrup overnight or longer, drain, roll in superfine/caster sugar, then let dry for an hour. 😍
I’m pretty sure all desserts are cuter in miniature form, right?! Last night I served these mini flourless chocolate cakes with whipped cream and salted pumpkin seed brittle. I wish I always had @amandajewelfloraldesign’s pretty props around (like these rose gold utensils 😍)!
My first attempt at orecchiette pasta, made with whole grain @dayspringfarms flour. I finally got a hang of the technique toward the end, so I guess I’ll need to practice again soon! I served them with a creamy garlic + lemon sauce (recipe from @pinchofyum), sweet potatoes, broccoli rabe, and meat balls. They were voted “stellar” by Nick, so I’ll take that as a win.
I forgot how much I love the smell of freshly baked bread, and I forgot how easy it is to make focaccia (here with @jqdsalt + garden thyme on top). I need to bake bread more regularly so I can’t forget those things again. Y’all keep me accountable, ok?
Pretending it feels like fall with this pumpkin risotto with bacon, garden sage, and extra parm. You know, if the flavor combos aren't broken, why fix them? #basic #fallyall
I've been working on this butternut soup recipe with coconut milk, lime, lemongrass, ginger and turmeric. After another 90 degree day, I realized that chilled soup was the answer for this feels-like-summer-but-it's-almost-fall transition. It's brothy and light and even better the next day. #thisisfall #eattheseasons